211 I will become your happiness, and more [R-18]

Chapter 211: I will become your happiness, and more [R-18]

Alex knew that his two other wives would excuse themselves without him saying anything to them.

He took Schnee's soft hand, guiding her to the royal bath.

With Sara knowing that he and Schnee were about to have their first intercourse, Alex didn't worry about anyone interrupting them.

The Royal Bath was empty, awaiting the arrival of its Master and his wife. It took some time for Alex and Schnee to arrive here as the husband had been preparing himself mentally and physically for his cat girl.

"I can't wait!" Schnee raised her voice, raising her pace.

She ran past the glorious doors, skipping toward the golden showers. She was also quite impatient as she used the inventory system to take off all her clothes, strapping herself from some foreplay.

Alex couldn't help but sigh, "If you trip, I will tell your sisters."


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