185 A cute undead

Chapter 185: A cute undead

[Eva Mora Lv.123 HP:??? MP:???]

Her name was Eva Mora.

She displayed it to Alex on her own as he wouldn't be able to read her information without particular skill or other means. That was the result of the level gap between them.

In this way, Alex also learned the soul grave-keeper's surname.

However, he didn't think about him. He had his daughter before himself, whose aim was unknown. Alex could tell she was pretty friendly toward him.

She wouldn't have told Alex about her collaboration with Dollar if she wasn't. She also wouldn't have hurt him so that Alex could kill him.

[Curious Adventurer's Necklace(Epic) - You can trace people's footsteps as long as you have recent information.]

[+500 HP, 3% mana regeneration, 10 charisma, 340 STR]


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