186 I will hold you accountable in the future

Chapter 186: I will hold you accountable in the future

"Our first transaction… I will offer you help with this dungeon's monsters. I will, of course, take away the valuable and the strongest pieces for myself… But I will stay behind and lend a hand if need be," Eva said while writing a contract in the system.

She was like her father, believing that people above them were absolute.

Eva continued, "And you will progress The Undead Quest with me."

"The Undead Quest…" Alex whispered, not precisely knowing her goal. But as the system flashed with the contract information, Alex started to see through Eva's heart.

It was not too hard.

Her father had created the masterpiece Undead. However, he was well aware of more possibilities in the world and beyond… There was so much more to spirit, souls, flesh, and bones that the soul grave-keeper wanted to continue his research.

Alex inferred that she wanted to create her own masterpiece, a cute undead that would open her father's eyes.


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