203 [200 Chapters Milestone Q&A]

Hello my dear reader, after six and half months, we have finally reached the 200 Chapter goal and quite possibly the 40% of the entirety of the novel.

You have loved, hated, loathed, loved the arcs again in this novel and this chapter is uploaded for you to ask anything you want regarding this fanfic.

I have also noticed some of you recommend shows and movies you would want to see in this fanfic. This chapter is for you, if you want to see any movie or show to get directed by Will Evans, drop the name in the comments :)

Last but not the least, I hope you continue this journey with me, we will have half a dozen of months to go for this fanfic.

You can ask any question related to this book or my any other book on this chapters.


Yeet June?



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