1 This Woman. I Want Her.

Yan Zheng glanced at the man beside him and a friendly smile appeared on his handsome face. "When will you be leaving for the capital? After all, your time is almost up," he asked the other man.

"I'll leave when my time is fully up," the man replied, a slight crease appearing on his forehead. His features were particularly evident from his side profile. However, from the sharp curve of his perfectly sculpted face, one couldn't deny that he was a very handsome man.

"I see," Yan Zheng replied as they made a turn by the walkway that led to the psychiatry department of the hospital. Both men were silent as they passed through the security check at the door.

Immediately after they entered, a man putting on a doctor's coat instantly approached them. He nodded politely at them. "Hello, Fifth Master Yan. Hello, Mister."

"Doctor Li," Yan Zheng immediately replied, stretching his hand out for a shake. "We're sorry for troubling you."

Dr. Li instantly waved his hand magnanimously. "Ah… No. It's no trouble at all."

He turned slightly, gesturing for them to walk further in. "I'll take you to see the patients then."


After receiving their approval, Dr. Li immediately led them to the wards. As they walked, he patiently explained the situation of each patient. Mostly, he and Yan Zheng chatted and the other man only piped in once in a while.

"This patient was sent here last week," Dr. Li said as they walked to the transparent shield window at a ward and pointed to a woman sitting on a bed. She was seated on the bed, her head wrapped between her legs.

He continued, "She had a deranged and abusive husband. She had been bullied for several years. But, it was only last week did she finally snap and her husband was also imprisoned."

The man who was initially silent glanced at the woman once more before asking Dr. Li, "The husband… Is he mentally alright?"

Dr. Li and Yan Zheng immediately snapped their heads in his direction and Dr. Li answered, "Yes. He's totally fine."

"Oh," the man replied and didn't say a word afterward. The trio walked around every nook and cranny of the hospital, checking out and interacting with the patients. As they were returning to the entrance, Yan Zheng noticed that his friend had stopped walking.

He was standing at the door of a ward. His gaze was deep-set and was fixated on what he was looking at.

A frown appeared on his handsome face. It was only for a fleeting moment and his expression instantly returned to normal.

However, Yan Zheng took notice of it.

Curiously, he and Dr. Li approached the man. "Fu Tinghao, what are you looking at?"

They stopped by Fu Tinghao's side and looked inside curiously. Inside, a figure stood by one of the floor-to-ceiling windows. It was a young woman putting on blue pajamas and a pair of slippers.

She was tall and fair. Her jade-like skin which was exposed where the pajamas couldn't cover shone radiantly. She was slender, though. Petite, even. And, it made her look small in the oversized pajamas.

However, this was not what drew Fu Tinghao's attention to her. It was rather the cold look in her gaze and the noble expression on her face as she stood.

A couple of teddy bears were placed on the window sills opposite her. She stood in front of them and pointed at the one in the middle with an arrogant expression.

She smirked tyrannically, tilting her head. Her long ink-black hair fell to the side. She looked especially like an old witch. Except for the mesmerizingly beautiful face. "How dare you disobey the rules of the Inner Palace? All the other consorts have come to pay their respects early this morning but you didn't come. Just because the Emperor favors you, you dare to disregard me. I'll show you that I'm the Empress and the ruler of the Inner Palace."

Yan Zheng who had been leaning in to watch instantly stumbled back. He looked at the bears sitting motionlessly on the window sill and the young woman that was still ranting on and on. He looked up at the door and saw a plaque on top of the door. The plaque read, 'DANGER. DO NOT ENTER.'

Then, he shook his head and muttered with a hint of regret. "She's mental."

Fu Tinghao didn't reply. Even Dr. Li didn't have much reaction. It was obvious that he wasn't surprised. He shook his head sadly and said, "She only arrived here three days ago. At first, she was in a daze and wouldn't react whenever her attending doctor visited. But, she's been like that since yesterday. She nearly beat her doctor to death."

Fu Tinghao listened silently before turning towards his friend. "Give your uncle a call. Tell him I've agreed to the proposal. Fu Teng Group will invest in the hospital."

Yan Zheng looked at him in confusion.

"But, when we were at his office just now, you told him you weren't interested. Why the sudden change…?"

"Just tell him what I said," Fu Tinghao cut in. Then, he turned to look inside once more. "I'll add one more condition, though."

"What's that?"

"This woman. I want her."

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