80 That should be me...

Chloe paid a visit to the mall that Thursday since she was free. As usual, everyone began to act like they were very busy immediately they saw her. They knew their female boss was a cold and heartless person and wouldn't waste time to fire them if they messed up. 

"I think the boss is in a bad mood. You better not get into trouble." A male staff whispered to a female staff.

"Even when she is not in a bad mood she is scary, I wonder what is going to happen when she is in a bad mood." The lady whispered back to him.

"If you are both going to keep talking instead of working then get out!" Chloe said angrily from behind them. 

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They both jumped in shock, having not expected to see her there before running off. 

Chloe went around the mall checking to make sure all was in order. Almost all of the shoppers didn't know she owned the mall so she continued to breeze by as she observed everywhere.

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