79 Embarrassed.

Mia had a really long sleep before her eyes slowly fluttered open. 

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Okay, maybe it had been a really short sleep because she had left the house late at night and was sure it probably would have been around 3 O'clock by the time she arrived home and slept. 

But you know some cases where the night becomes unusually long especially when you are sick or wants to travel out of the country to another country for the first time? That was more like it. 

She woke up feeling very tired and sick. 

The night had been hell for her. She kept having back-to-back bad dreams but somehow, she felt safe and slept peacefully despite it all.

The room was still very dark even though she could hear the birds chirping outside and the sound of driving cars. She always liked to sleep in the dark and thankfully, this room was unusually dark when the windows were closed and lights turned off. It was another reason she really liked this house. 

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