66 Ye Nian's misery!

"Ah...." Wei Jan held her neck so tight that she began to feel a lack of oxygen. She was struggling, hitting him on his hand, scratching his face with her nails but he didn't leave her.

"L...e..av...e." But nothing worked on him. Instead, he did his grip more tightly on her neck.

Everyone around them was laughing at her. Some were saying she was going to be ruined by him today. Slowly and slowly, Ye Nian felt her vision getting blurry. She was losing her balance too.

Her eyes were going to be closed but instantly, Wei Jan released her neck and her legs didn't support her. She fell on the ground with a loud voice.

Ye Nian started coughing vigorously. Her face started getting pale and her lips were red now! But everyone was still laughing.

But Wei Jan had more plans to humiliate her. He walked towards her and grabbed her by her hair. "Ahh.... leave my hairs WEI JAN!!!"

"Why bitch? You think you can only act prestigious? You are wrong! YOU are no one in front of me!"

Ye Nian's eyes became moist from pain. It was so painful! But there was no one to help her. Not even one person!

"Please..... I.. B..e..g you.." she said in between her sobs. She never begged anyone but right now, all she can do was this. But Wei Jan smashed her head on the counter bar. Blood started flowing out of Ye Nian's forehead as there was a huge cut.

Her head was now spinning. Ye Nian felt her eardrums being stopped. She can't hear anything for some time. But she can't show her weakness to anyone. No one can see her this face!

But her eyes widened on seeing Wei Jan's next step. He extended his hand and his hand started touching her face."NO!!"

"Who will save you, Ye Nian? No one! No one is going to come as your knight armor. I will have you today, you bitch. Be ready"

Fear was shown in her eyes. She was only sixteen and what if she is ruined today? Her family will hit the headlines again.

Ye Nian can't just do anything here. Even if she uses her forces, Wei Jan can easily stop her and make her fall. She was now regretting not taking defense classes when she was younger.

Ye Nian just lowered her head and waited for any magic to happen. She was asking God to send someone for her. Who can save her from this!

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"Ye Nian....." Wei Jan was now eyeing her lustfully. His desires were not fulfilled and he needed them to be complete. Who in their school doesn't want to touch Ye Nian? Everyone!

Wei Jan slowly started bringing his hands towards her neck. Her skin was so smooth and white as milk that how pretty it would be to leave a mark on it?

He stretched his hand stook out her coat off. She was left with a half sleeves dress on which reached down till her knee.

Tears were continuously down her eyes. Ye Nian's eyes were now blurred. She was going to be raped today!

"Don't worry Nian, I will be gentle." He said in a whisper to her.

But did she care?

Just as Wei Jan was going to come near her unzip her dress, his head was hit so hard by a glass bottle that he actually fainted. Everyone near him was shocked by this. Who actually did this?

They roamed their eyes and saw a man standing with a dark aura and his face being hidden due to low lighting. He was tall enough and by the clothes, he was wearing, it was easy to predict he was from a prestigious family.

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