67 Angel Sent by God

Some people are blind. They don't know that they should not go against some people who are at first influential as well as those who are doing the right thing.

One guy came forward after seeing Wei Jan lying on the floor.

"YOU!! Who you are? Do you even know our identity? Apologize to us right now. Otherwise, be ready to face the consequences of your actions."

But the other man kept quiet. He just stood there like a tall pillar which was not affected by the words said by these youngsters.


"Let go of her....." And hearing such a cold and dominating voice made everyone freeze there. Ye Nian's forehead was still bleeding much but because of blood coming out, her soberness was returning a little bit.

But Ye Nian also failed to recognize who it was? It can't be someone close to her.

"Who the hell are you!?" One of the Wei Jan's friend asked.

"If you are seeking death, I'm the one." Such high confidence. But such confidence was expected as by his one slap made Wei Jan faint.

"I'm saying for the last time, leave the girl."But Wei Jan's friends were also like him too. They all came and held Ye Nian by her arm.

"WHAT!?! LEAVE ME! DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU BASTARDS." Her yellings were of waste. Her strength was nothing in front of these people.

"Stop shouting bitch!"One guy slapped her hard. Now, her lips were torn.

But someone's blood boiled even more and he came forward.

It was Shi Yu! It was professor Yu!

Ye Nian as well as others were also shocked. All of them were students so it was obvious that they have listened to him. He was a prestigious teacher and a renowned one. No one can't hire him easily. Also, he was the heir of future Shi Group!

Shi Yu came forward and kicked that guy in the stomach, who just now slapped Ye Nian.


Not only that, but he also took a nearby glass bottle and smashed on his head.

Ye Nian was stunned. First in the club and nowhere. Was he the angel sent by God for whom she prayed? Was he the magical angel she asked to save her? Her heart was beaming with happiness.

"Shi Yu...."



Those who held her also stepped back. Their soul was in fear right now!

"Anyone else wants to come forward?" Shi Yu asked eyeing everyone there. But who had that much courage?

Everyone turned around and started walking towards their seats. No one was interested in going against him now.


All of them stopped on hearing Shi Yu's voice. At that time, Shi Yu pointed at the unconscious Wei Jan lying on the floor.

"Take him with you. Make sure, If I see anyone of you again doing something like this, I will make your life hell. Don't blame me for being merciless."

Shi Yu took her coat which was there on the floor, held her hands, and walked out of the shop.

Seeing their back, everyone was in anger. Some of them even cursed but they controlled their anger and hands. They can't afford to offend him.


Shi Yu and Ye Nian walked out and he took her to his car. He made her sit inside and took a medicine kit from his car. Shi Yu took out cotton from his kit and started cleaning the blood which was on her face.

But Ye Nian felt a little uncomfortable.

"Shi Yu... You don't h-have to do this."

"Keep Quiet!"

Ye Nian kept quiet after getting his response. After all, everything he was doing was for her betterment only!

But after some, she didn't know was it the effect of alcohol or loss or much blood that she started feeling dizzy. She laid at the passenger seat like a weak doll.

Shi Yu took out liquid medicine and added it on cotton. He then slowly tapped at the wound.

"Zz....."It hurts her.

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"It will hurt at first but it will be fine after."


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