5 School is cool ( sometimes)

Hi guys! Today I'm going to share with you my life as a student.

Well as a student one could say I was pretty wild. Well that is once I grew up from the cute tiny tot stage if my life. I never listened to class. Well this was when I was 10.

During the time I was pretty laid back. I never considered studying important. And yeah, this meant that I was the apple of the teacher's eye. ( sarcastically)

I never really like Parent teacher meetings because of it. The teachers all had their way when it was my mom attending it. And I hated it. My mom would always ask for more time or say that she will make sure I never do that again and what not. But in the end we both knew that this was not going to happen.

But, much contrary to the me now, I loved my Grandma coming for these meetings. My babushka was always the code red.

I remember once she got a teacher to leave the school

Teacher: I am sorry, Ma'am but your granddaughter is not intelligent. I even doubt if she has some common sense. She is extremely notorious. She is so rude to all the teachers and students. ( yup this teacher was pretty juvenile.)

Mariya: says the person who has no fashion sense. I didn't know they had an audition for Joseph Jostar around here.

Teacher: Ma'am-

Mariya: Oh and what was your name? Karen, was it? Suits you.

Teacher: The name is Amy, Ma'am. Amy Smith. And I wasn't joking about your daughter being brain-dead. Here I'll show you! ( and her temper was also really bad )

Anastasia , tell me what is the capital Tuvalu?

Anastasia: I don't know and I don't care!

Mariya: Ahh... tradition ( wiping away tears)

Teacher: Well as you can see, She should pay more attention to her studies.

Mariya: Hmmm.... and what did you say your name was?

Teacher: *quite arrogant and confidently* Amy! Amy Smith. You can go file a complaint if you want!

Mariya: * looks her up and down and says* ahhhh.... smith. Do you know who Alyssa is?

Teacher: *slightly confused yet confidently* No. And why do I need to know about her?

Mariya: *smirks* You should pay more attention to your husband, sweetie.

Teacher: what-

Mariya: Come on pelmini, we gotta leave.

Anastasia: khorosho, babushka. *sticking out her tongue at the teacher*

* teacher stands up* wait what are you talking about?

Few days after the parent teachers meeting the teacher left the school. I guess I know why.

( p.s. Tuvalu is a real country in Oceania. It's capital is Funafuti)

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