4 No one touches my Grand daughter. part - 1

warning: this is not the same as other episodes, a bit psycho.

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share about Grandma's protective side.

A few years ago....

This was the time when Anastasia was 7.

After school:

Anastasia: Nonnaaaa! I'm home!

Anastasia's mom: Slow honey. you're gonna hurt yourself.

Mariya( Grandma): So how was school? Had fun? Did you bully other kids? Made them cry?

Anastasia: No Babushka :)

Mariya: hmm...a lot of work to shape you up then.

Anastasia's Mom: Мама.....

Mariya: But-

Anastasia's Mom: Anastasia go wash your hands.

Anastasia: Ok mama!

Mariya: But ***** the tradition! the tradition! you can't forego tradition!

Anastasia: Tradition of mafia? No thanks ma.

A few days later.....

Anastasia's mom is busy shooting for her new magazine. So, Mariya goes to pick up Anastasia.

*Mariya turns to see two boys picking in Anastasia and pulling her hair.*

Anastasia: Stop it it hurts .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Boy #1: Look at this creepy girl. She is so weird.

Boy #2: Yes, even my mom said to keep a distance from her.

Anastasia: stop it! my head aches.

Boy#2: should have thought about it before being so creepy.

Boy#1: Let's cut her hair off. Then we can call her the bald creep.

Boy#1: Sounds fun

Mariya: These bastards...

To be continued.

( p.s. Anastasia's mom does have a name but that will be introduced later)

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