My Adolescent Romantic Comedy Is Incorrect As I Had Logically Proven

My Adolescent Romantic Comedy Is Incorrect As I Had Logically Proven [ Oregairu ] Hikigaya Hachiman is anti social person who believe only himself, but one stupid essy in his High school led him to service club. yukino Yukinoshita come from a big family from Chiba. Yukino Yukinoshita is president of service club . when Yukino Yukinoshita meet Hikigaya Hachiman there's going to changes in there which led them to find their own answer . but what answer ? JUST READ YOU WILL FIND OUT. ___&&&&______&&&____&&&____ Hello guys I'm starting this novel as new it's in my mind to start something new . now for I will continue previous oregairu I just take short break this never going to happen again until it's reach its end . Warning: Massive plagiarism from: My teen rom-com is SNAFU. I don’t own it. It’s the property of Wataru Watari (What a name). Please support the official release.

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Looking Back On High School Life

Hikigaya Hachiman

Grade 11, Class F

People in their youth should perceive everything about the reality surrounding them in a positive light. Here we are given the chance to grow, to find out who we are and what we want. We are allowed to make mistakes to learn from them to ensure we do not repeat them when the situation is more serious.

Looking back on my experiences during both middle and high school I can say without a doubt that I will never repeat the same mistakes. I have discovered who I am and what I want from life. I have already started to implement such habits that bring me the most amount of happiness. I believe it is important to capitalise on this while I still have free time. I foresee in the future that as an adult, free time becomes more and more scares therefore I could maximise my time to ensure I do not waste it.

I feel like I am, only now, truly experiencing my youth that in the future I will look back on fondly.

My Japanese teacher, Shizuka Hiratsuka, read my essay aloud as I listened. Hearing someone else read my work made me I realize the areas of which I could improve if I had the chance to do my essay again.

Yet I was wondering why I was called here. I had arrived, only to be told to sit down and listen to my essay read out back to me. I do know what the content is, I did write it. Maybe the female teacher was getting on in her years and needed help by reading things out loud. Best not mention it though, women get either upset or violent when confronted with the idea of them aging.

After Hiratsuka sensei had finished reading, she put a hand on her forehead and sighed deeply.

"Say, Hikigaya, what was the assignment that I handed out during class?"

"...well, it was an essay with the topic 'Looking Back on High School Life'."

"Exactly. So then why did you write a short essay that tells us nothing in particular about your school experience? The essays you normally produce are of a much high quality and quantity variety. Yet this essay was short, vague and lacks any examples."

She let out another sigh and pulled a hand through her hair, vexed.

I sat there pondering her words. She was right but how could I tell her that my high school experience was just schoolwork, homework, listening to music and reading novels. That was it. That was what I have been for the past year and a bit.

"Pay attention!"


"Your eyes, they're like the eyes of a rotting fish."

"Do they really seem that rich in omega-3? Makes me sound smart." It was remark I have been practicing for when people talk about my eyes. An attempt at comedy to lessen the hurtful comment. Well it would be hurtful if it was not the truth and I really did not care.

The corners of her mouth twitched upwards.

"Hikigaya. What is with this poor essay? I'd at least like to hear some sort of reason." Her eyes flashed, shooting daggers at me, with a scowl deadly enough to make a sound. Only a woman cursed by beauty was capable of an expression so alarmingly powerful that it would unwillingly draw you in and completely overwhelm you. That is to say, it was seriously scary.

"Uh-Well-I...did reflect on high school life, didn't I? I treated it as a reflective essay and spoke about my experiences with the high school life style. Nowadays this is exceedingly what my high school life is like, you know! My essay has captured the essence of it pretty well!"

I kept fumbling my words as it has been awhile since I have spoken to people outside of my family. I get nervous just by talking to people, but talking to an older, attractive woman made me all the more nervous.

"Usually, such a question would require you to give examples before you go on to reflect on it, don't you think?"

"Then please preface the question by saying so. If you'd done that, I would have written the essay accordingly. Isn't it your fault for writing a misleading question, sensei?" Crap, she was looking into my wholesome high school life. If certain busy-body teachers caught what my high school life was like, they would try and get me more involved with other people. I needed to distract her.

"Oh stop being so pedantic, kid."

"Kid...? Well certainly from the perspective I-" Brain what are you doing. Brain, think of a better distraction that doesn't end up with a crying woman in front of me!

"I'm very sorry. I'll write it over." To show some semblance of remorse and regret, I'll have to choose my words wisely. But right now, of all things Hiratsuka sensei was, satisfied was not one of them. It seemed there was no other way but to kneel down and bow at her feet. Maybe I should, the sheer surprise could shock her into a flustered state thus dismissing me from her sight.

"You know, I'm not angry with you."

...Oh, so it's come to that. That annoying thing that adults always seem to do. The 'I'm not angry, so please tell me' thing. Do I look like I am five years old?! Opening up would be the last thing I would do. Please, get tired of trying to help me and leave me alone. Next time I'll ensure to look at the person sitting next me for their essay when I am stuck trying to complete mine.

From a breast pocket that was on the verge of bursting, Hiratsuka sensei pulled out a cigarette and tapped its filter hard against her desk. Just like how some old- cough- brain I told you not to go down that route.

After packing the tobacco, she clicked a 100-yen lighter and lit her cigarette. She took a drag and considered me with a serious look on her face. This was probably not going to end well for me.

"You're not in any clubs, right?" And like that, my quiet youth was about to be destroyed.

"No." I answered, trying to bite back a sigh. There was a moment where I considered lying but it wouldn't take much for Sensei to figure out that lie.

"...Do you have any friends?" Oh, for the love of-, yep, I was doomed. Plus what kind of teacher just straight up asks a person if they have any friends. How would she feel if I asked if she was single? N-Not that I really want to know or anything.

She looked at me as she asked me like she had already assumed I didn't have any. To be fair that was an honest thing to think but it did sting. Like a paper cut, slightly painful but in the end, superficial.

There was no point beating around the bush, like a glasses wearing protagonist once said, "I have seen the ending!" Wait, he said that a bunch of times. A catch phase then.

"No sensei." I replied without emotion. Friends, friendship, what does that even mean. A person you like to hang out with. Why? Because they have similar interests to you therefore you can socialise with each other.

Fulfilling the basic human need of social interaction.

Pity I dealt with mine by reading novel after novel. Escaping into the world of mystery, comedy, fantasy etc.

As though she knew how I would reply, Hiratsuka sensei's face brimmed with excitement.

"So that's how it is! You really don't have any friends! Exactly as I had diagnosed. Just one look at those lifeless eyes and I knew straight away!"

Again the comment about my friendless state and eyes washed over me. Like waves on the shore, I felt nothing. It wasn't like I haven't heard about them in the past.

She nodded her head knowingly with a 'mhmm...yes' and considered me with a reserved expression.

"...What about a girlfriend or something?"


"No sensei. I am not in a romantic relationship."

I barely hold back my distaste for such a thing. A relationship at my age? Just dumb teenagers either pretending to be adults or exploring their bodies and each other. How many couples do you see stay together from highschool all the way to married life? A small number. Me in a romantic relationship? Don't make me laugh. At best I hope to marry someone I could stand for the rest of my life. If I liked them then that is just an added bonus.

"I see..."

This time she gazed at me intensely, with misty eyes. I really hoped it was because of the cigarette smoke irritating her eyes.

Apparently I could still hope. Deep down I wanted to believe that Hiratsuka sensei was not like one of those enthusiastic teachers. How foolish of me to be slightly optimistic. Pessimism has never failed me so why use something that, in the end, will always loss.

After some consideration, Hiratsuka sensei sighed as she exhaled a puff of smoke.

"All right, let's do it this way. Rewrite your report."

Easy, I will ask my younger sister how her day was and copy her answer to the report, with some adjustment of course. Though it has been a while since I've talked to her, maybe a few months, a year?

So far everything has been going according to my expectations. Now the cherry on top would be for teach to get me involved with people in some way. My grades aren't that bad, maybe tutoring. They say teaching people can improve your own grade as you see things in a different perceptive.

Or perhaps she would force me into some charity work that involves dealing with people. Possible as a team or to customers. It would help my college application so I would not mind it.

It's important in a lose-lose situation to try and make the best out of it. Otherwise you have wasted your precious time for nothing.

"On top of the re-write, you are required to join the service club."

She seemed happy for coming up with such an idea.

"The service club...What do you suppose I do there?" I inquired. Charity case, damn it. Not that there was anything wrong with helping those less fortunate, it's just the people who do such jobs are more two-faced than normal. You may ask why, are people who help the needy are good people well sometimes they are. But why are they doing so? To feel better about themselves? To have something to brag about to family and friends? For the feel-good feeling?

Altruism is a myth. If the act itself gave you some form of reward (even a neuro-chemical one) then it is not an altruistic act. People do not pretend to be saints, it just makes me pity you even more. If I had pity for you in the first place.

"Just follow me."

Hiratsuka sensei pressed the end of her cigarette onto a densely filled ashtray and stood up. I mimicked her to speed up this annoying event I was about to be a part of.

With my face moulded into, what I hoped, was an interested expression. I could not remember the last time I was actually interested in anything so the face I was displaying was likely to be incorrect.

As Hiratsuka sensei click-clacked on the linoleum floor, it seemed as though she was headed toward another section of the building. Does this mean I have to commute to this 'service club' everyday? Women, you are cutting more and more into my reading time. I have over twenty books I need to read while more and more are added to the list!

Knowing my luck, I will likely be forced to clear out sections of this building's abandoned classrooms. Lazy sensei, could you not have picked some delinquent students to do your dirty work?! Oh, with a school like this, Soubu High School, bad students are rare.

As we were walking to my doom, I decided to fill the silence with questions. After all, knowledge is power.

"What kind of service must I provide?" I asked.

"There's no need for your worry. What I'm asking you to do is not manual labour." Hiratsuka sensei regarded me with an exceedingly contemptuous expression.

Well then. Is it research, or some other kind of deskwork? Either way there is a small chance I will not have to deal with people. Pessimistically speaking, it is probably having to man the front desk of the club. Teach, do you really want me to be the person people have to talk to for a 'service'? You truly must be desperate.

"We're here."

The classroom sensei had stopped in front of was not unusual. There was nothing written on the doorplate. Perhaps it was an abandoned classroom; sensei opened the sliding door with a clatter. There were chairs and tables piled up in cluttered stacks along the edge, adding to my theory.

Perhaps it was being used as a storage room. In comparison to other classrooms, there was nothing else special about its contents apart from that. It was an exceedingly normal classroom. However, what was most obviously distinct from everything else in the room, was a single girl.

By the light of the sunset, she was reading a book. Even if the world had ended, she would still most certainly be sitting there, reading. That was the illusion she gave, so much so, that it was like a scene from a painting.

The moment I saw it, both my mind and my body froze. For a second. I may have a disinterest in the world but there are moments that do catch my eye. I stood there and took in the scene.

I excel deepe breath from lungs and said single word " she is beautiful" it's like I'm in love for second, but I have control my hormones . Hiratsuka sensei look like she heard me by giving look on her face. damit I have to be careful on my own thoughts . now I have play like I don't give damn about this club . keep cold face Hachiman.

Realizing there were visitors, she placed a bookmark in her paperback book and looked up.

"Hiratsuka sensei. I thought I told you to knock before you enter…"

Elegant features. Long, flowing ebony hair. Wearing a uniform that should be the same as the group of girls from my class, but still looks entirely different. Truly I was in the presence of an idol. I hope that she was not going to be my peer in this 'service club'. Nothing good ever comes out of hanging around attractive people. Misunderstandings, jealously and a bunch of drama I would like to ignore with all of my strength.

"Even if I do knock, you never respond."

"That's because you enter before I have time to respond." She gave a disapproving look in response to Hiratsuka sensei's words. "And who is that airhead with you?" She gave me a quick once-over with a cold look in her eyes.

I know this girl. It's Yukinoshita Yukino - Grade 11, Class J.

It was the one class that was aimed at nurturing talented students capable of fulfilling an active role in the international arena. This class has an academic standard that is two to three times better than the other classes. It mostly consists of students returning to Japan from overseas or students who have aspirations to study abroad. Thus it is not an exaggeration to call them the 'cream of the crop'.

Among such a class, the one student that is prominent, or rather, naturally draws people's attention and stands out brilliantly, is Yukinoshita Yukino. Whether it's a regular exam or a placement exam, she is a high achiever who consistently sits at the top of our grade. Simply put, she is virtually the most perfect and beautiful girl in school and everyone knows who she is. Out of the elite she stands on top.

Why do I know this, well it is all to do with trying to have a quiet life. Class J were filled with people I wished to avoid with a passion.

"This is Hikigaya. He's looking to join the club."

Prompted by Hiratsuka sensei, I nodded in acknowledgement. At this point it's probably time to segue into a self-introduction. That is what a normal person would do right?

"I'm Hikigaya." Damn it, my social skills have rusted to nothing. I always nervous around new people.

Taking the lead, sensei turned to face Yukinoshita and said, "He believes he is currently having a fulfilling high school experience by being by himself. I have discovered that he lacks friends so can I leave him to you? I'm requesting that you straighten out his corrupt, reclusive disposition."

"If that's how it is, I think it would be a good idea if you beat and kick discipline into him," Yukinoshita replied grudgingly.

I beg your pardon. Where did such animosity come from? I have barely spoken a sentence to you. I take back what I said she may have beutiful face and looks but her mouth is full of venom .

I ignored sensei's attempt at trying to 'fix' my personality. The fixing could be an effort in futility.

"I would if it was something I could do, but lately I've been having some problems myself. Also, physical violence isn't permitted."

... Clearly I was surrounded by violent women. The idea of trying out the club for my college application was slowly losing strength.

"I respectfully decline. That boy's lecherous eyes are filled with hidden intent that makes me feel that my life is in danger." Yukinoshita set about readjusting her collar, which was not particularly out of place to begin with, and glared at me.

Wow. Really.

I am now really sure about my course of action. At the first chance I am quitting this club.

It doesn't matter if that accusation was a joke or not. That was an attack on my character that was unforgivable. You could make fun of my appearance, my eyes and my view on high school but making allegations like that will not be tolerated.

"Don't worry, Yukinoshita. Since his eyes and heart are both corrupt, he is quite adept at self-preservation and calculating the trade-off between the benefits and risks of doing something. He would never do something that would result in a criminal charge. You can trust his petty thug nature."

I kept quiet. A foreign feeling crept into my chest. Anger.

It was destroyed under the strength of my general apathy to everything I deem unimportant. This girl, Yukinoshita, fell into this category.

"A petty thug…..I see...," Yukinoshita said.

"Well, if it's a request from sensei, I can't very well refuse...I accept." Yukinoshita said with incredible distaste.

I had entered my zen state. Nothing could touch me in this mode.

Sensei smiled with satisfaction. "Okay. Then, I'll leave the rest to you." And with that, she left the room with haste.

I was left standing there alone, wrapping my apathy around me as if it was a comforting cloak.

Honestly, I would be feeling a whole lot less stressed if they had just let left me by myself. Being in an isolated environment, as I usually am, would make me feel more at ease. But with one other person was just the worst. If we were in a group then I could sit back, pull out a novel and get lost in a better world. Instead I now had to communicate with a rich girl and her unfound attacks.

I could not remember the last time I had to speak to a non-family female.

Well then, time to do what I normally do in these kinds of situations.

I walked over to the stacked chair and pulled one out. I placed it at the end of the joined desks, far away from the other girl. I then sat down, pulled out my novel and continued where I had left off. If my time was going to be used then I was going to use it on my terms.

Throughout the entire time since sensei left, I did not glance at Yukinoshita. Instead the sound of a paperback book that was not in my hands was opened. The air was filled with sound of pages turning periodically.

Huh, this was kind of nice. I did try to read at libraries before but public ones ran the risk of me having to deal with people. The school library was off limits as frequenting there too often would cause adults to become 'concerned' with my social life and friends. Mainly the lack of them.

If I could spend the rest of the day like this then I would have found Nirvana. However, as expected, I was unable to taste heaven.

"I suppose you would like to know what it is we do here," I staring at her only for Yukinoshita to furrow her brows in displeasure and stare right back at me. "But before I tell you, let's play a game."

"A game?" Here I had placed my bookmark down and gave her my full attention. Ignoring people who wanted something simply makes them more annoying when they badger you. Better to pretend to care, assist and then get back to my story.

"Yes. A game which requires you to guess what kind of club this is. So then, what kind of club is this?"

Ah, I see. Perhaps this was a chance to start a conversation. Or perhaps this was her attempt to display her dominance over me by making me play a game. Either way I did not care.

"Service club," I started, after reaching into my bag for a bottle of water. Having taken a sip, it gave me enough time to get my thoughts in order. "People will come for assistance in a manner of things and we shall try to help them. What I would like to know is something else."

"Oh. Clever of you to figure out what we do. Did you ask Hiratsuka sensei before you came in?"

"Sure, let's go with that," I said dismissively. "What I want to know is, are there any other members in this club?" Please say yes so that I don't have to talk to you whenever you want to make conversation.

Yukinoshita turned to the side and coughed before giving me a negative by shaking her head. By doing so, her flowing hair shook gently. she really is pretty.

Damn it. Well I could always pretend that I am too engrossed into my book to talk to her. Then again, ignoring people always causes more trouble for me in the end.

"Hikigaya-kun. How many years has it been since you've talked to a girl?" That was random. I could not remember. Why would I?

"Those that possess much are motivated by charity to give to those who do not. People call this volunteer work. Providing development assistance to developing countries, organizing soup-runs for the homeless, allowing an unpopular boy the opportunity to talk to a girl. Extending a helping hand to those in need. That is what this club does."

Allowing an unpopular boy the opportunity to talk to a girl. I rolled the words over my tongue, tasting them before swallowing. If the unpopular boy had a social disorder which leads to him having low self esteem then yes, I would say that Yukinoshita was doing him a service.

However, at some point, Yukinoshita had stood up. Naturally, she was looking down at me. "Welcome to the service club. I invite you." She was looking down on me. Something dark, brewed under my skin.

"According to Hiratsuka sensei, it is the duty of those who are superior to save those who lead a pitiable existence. I will make sure that I accomplish what she requested of me and fulfil this responsibility. I will rectify your problem. Show some gratitude."

Noblesse Oblige.

And like that, my darkness disappeared. It was pushed back by my rational mind picking up on the term that fits the situation. Anger disappeared as interest took its place.

'Noblesse oblige'. A French phrase referring to the moral obligation of the noble to display honourable and generous conduct. Yukinoshita standing there with her arms folded certainly spelled nobility. In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call her noble, considering her grades and her outward appearance.

At this point my mind had forgotten the insult the ice women had gave me. Instead it pulled up what had happened to the French aristocracy. Vive la revolution. The fall of monarchs. I should brush up on my history, I could not remember when the French revolution was again.

As I was lost in thought, Yukinoshita continued her speech, shame I did not really pay it much attention. Something something temperament, something something society, something something place to belong.


She stopped talking and was waiting for me to respond. Crap, if I was caught out by a teacher, I would apologise but she was not a respected adult. Plan B

"I will take that under consideration. Thank you."

When, I managed to shock her into silence. She must have expected me to say something else. Now that she was done belittling me to my face (nice change of pace actually) I reopened my book to my current page.

It was not long until the other girl found something else to say.

"Well then, that completes this conversation simulation. If you can converse with a girl like me, then you should be able to talk to just about anybody." Smoothing her hair with her right hand, Yukinoshita gave an expression that was brimming with a sense of accomplishment. Then she smiled pleasantly. "Now you have this spectacular memory to hold in your heart that will keep you going even when you're alone."

"Uh-huh," I replied getting back into the pace of the story. I waved my hand in her general direction without looking at her. "Thank you for your time and effort." I really mean it .

It seems like I could not catch a break. As soon as the blessed peace settled, it was then broken as the door was violently pulled open with a resounding clatter.

"Yukinoshita. I'm coming in."

"I told you to knock…" Yukinoshita sighed.

"Sorry, sorry. Don't mind me and just continue as you were. I just thought I'd stop by and see how you're doing." Hiratsuka sensei gave Yukinoshita a generous smile, and leaned against the classroom wall. She then looked back and forth between Yukinoshita and me.

"It's nice that you two are getting along with each other."

Well if people would leave me alone to read a good book in peace then, yeah, sure.

"Hikigaya, keep up the good work and focus on straightening out that loner temperament and curing those rotten eyes of yours. I'll be heading back now. Just make sure you head home before the end of the school day."

My eyes again? Oh the pain, the soul crushing pain. How will I ever survive? Anyway, how does one 'cure' rotten eyes. Do you have a Full Restore in your pocket?

"Hiratsuka sensei, a question," I asked, ignoring the hurtful comment by imagining how would one cure 'fish' eyes. "I thought most clubs needed more than three members to exist?" Please tell me that this is not a special project for you and therefore you are willing to bend the rules for it? Ah wait, my luck is that bad. Should have known.

"Well basically, the main aim of this club is to help people solve their problems by encouraging self-improvement. I guide students who I believe require self-improvement to this club."

That. That did not answer my question, unless the people we help get pulled into the club as payment. If so, should there be a tsundere girl, wearing cat ears and boxing gloves here then?

Hiratsuka sensei sighed as she observed me.

"Yukinoshita. It appears that you're having a hard time straightening him out."

"That's because he himself isn't aware of the fact that he has a problem." Yukinoshita replied coldly in response to sensei's troubled expression.

She could be right. People in denial believe that they are not in denial. How would one know that they were not in denial? You could not simply deny it. It would depend on what other people say. After all, the norm is what the majority say it is.

Yet I know I am not in denial as I acknowledge the fact that I do not like people. The bigger the group, the lower the collective IQ becomes. Bystander effect, sheep mentality and 'the nail that sticks out, gets hammered down.' No one could win. Be unique but don't stick out. Don't rock the boat, even if it brings you discomfort.

Given my past, I should hate sheep mentality but I don't. The sheep that does not follow the flock is noticed by predators and eaten. It's a pity that in the case of humans, the herd was the predator. Hating human nature is just too troublesome. I want to spend my life with the lowest number of people as possible.

The plan is, go to university and maybe meet other people like me. None of these posers at high school but genuine people. Who knows, maybe I'll find a girlfriend but I doubt it. Wait, do they know this?

"You've been saying stuff about straightening me out and improvement yet I did not ask for any of it."

Hiratsuka sensei cocked her head slightly in confusion. "Hm?"

"…What are you saying? If you don't change, you'll be at a level that'll make living in society difficult." Yukinoshita paused before continuing. "It appears that your humanity is severely inferior to that of others. Don't you want to change that part of yourself?"

Do I want to change? A simple yet complex question.

Removing emotion from the equation, I know that I am different from the others thanks to my childhood. I would like to be normal and naive but I can't. I've see the strings that control the system. I cannot go back to being normal, no matter how hard I try. In the end, it would be a waste of my energy. Energy I could have spent enjoying myself and my youth.

"That's not it. Yet if you wish to try to change me then I wish you the best of luck."

I think it is sexist to say that women like to change men. Mostly bad boys, to hope that they become nice. By doing so the person you know is gone, so when the next bad boy comes along, the cycle repeats.

"You're just running away from the problem. If you don't change, you won't move forward." Yukinoshita said harshly.

I am getting the distinct impression that this is more about her projecting. Then again, I could be in denial. Wait, I thought I already solved that riddle. Back to the situation at hand, I better not give her more ammunition for her to vent her own problems as if they were actually mine.

I held up my hands in surrender. "Okay," I stated. "I see your point."

Before Yukinoshita could continue, Hiratsuka sensei stepped in. Just by looking at her grinning face, you could tell that she was full of anticipation and delight. "Things have become interesting. I love developments like these. It's like JUMP, which is nice don't you think?"

Well conflict does force development. Up to the point where you create nuclear weapons and have the ability to blow up the world.

Somehow, sensei was the only one who was ecstatic. Even though she was female, her eyes were like those of a young boy. "Since before ancient times, when two collide in the name of justice, it is customary in shounen manga to battle it out in an all or nothing match."

"But we're not in a shounen manga…" Nobody paid attention to me. Competition was nothing but troubling for me. I could already see my perfect quiet evenings turning into dust.

As sensei let out a resounding laugh, she turned to us and made a loud announcement.

"Well then let's do it this way. From now on, I will guide troubled lambs to this club where they will be under your supervision. The both of you will try and help them as you see fit. And it would be good if you prove your moral righteousness to each other to the best of your ability. Who can help these people?! Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!!"

"I refuse." Yukinoshita declared, bluntly rejecting her proposition. Oh thank Kami! Her eyes harboured the same coldness that had been directed at me only a little while ago. Well, since I agreed with her, I nodded in assent.

After sensei had registered our unwillingness, she bit her nails in frustration. "Tch, maybe a Robattle would have been easier to understand…" That is not the issue here. The issue here is that she doesn't like me and I want a quiet life.

"Sensei. Please stop acting childishly hyperactive. It is unbecoming of someone your age and it's awfully indecent." Yukinoshita hurled ice-cold sharp words like they were icicles. It wasn't clear if sensei had calmed down or not, but in an instant sensei's face was colored pink in embarrassment. She cleared her throat so as to cover up her faux pas.

Huh, so only other women can mention other women's age and get away with it. Good to know. At least I have learnt something during this waste of time.

"In-in any case! The only thing that will prove one's rectitude is their actions! If I said you must have a match, then you will have a match. Neither of you have the right to say no."

Giving a mental sigh, I nodded in agreement, see the part about pretending to care about what other people want and save yourself trouble.

"In order for you to fight with your utmost desperate efforts, I'll provide a little motivation. How about, the winner can command the loser to do anything they wish?"

I almost failed to control the urge to facepalm. Why, oh why would you say something like that?!

Suddenly, the sound of a chair being pulled back could be heard. Yukinoshita had moved back two meters, embracing her body as she took a defensive position.

"Competing against this boy makes me feel that my chastity is in peril. I refuse."

Okay, seriously we have been down this road. Calm. I am calm. Damming accusations aside, I needed to focus on the big picture here. Namely, why the hell was sensei going through all this trouble. Was the club that important to her?

"So even Yukinoshita Yukino is fearful of something….Are you that afraid you'll lose?" Hiratsuka said with a malicious face. Yukinoshita appeared a little offended at that.

Oh come on. Even a five year old could see through that!

"….Fine. Although, I'm a little annoyed that I must give in to such cheap provocation. I accept. While we're at it, I'll let you deal with that boy, also. "

Wow. Just wow.

I feel like making sure she fails. In changing me, she could take all the assists for helping other for all I care.

Hiratsuka sensei grinned broadly, ignoring Yukinoshita's gaze.

"Then it's decided."

"Hey, you haven't asked me if I accept…."


"I will decide the winner of this match. Of course, the decision will be influenced by my opinion and bias. Don't think about it too much and just act accordingly….in an appropriate and proper manner and do your best." Having uttered these words, Hiratsuka sensei left the room, leaving only a very cross Yukinoshita and I behind.

Finally, some peace and quiet. I will ensure that the ice women will win all the matches while I sit in the background and read. Truly everyone wins. Speaking of winning, I sat back down in my spot and continued with my book.

It was gone too soon as a sound like that of a broken radio resounded. It was sign that a chime was about to ring. Indeed, after a synthesized chime had sounded, Yukinoshita suddenly closed her book. It seemed that the chime indicated the end of the school day.

With that as a signal, Yukinoshita quickly set about getting her things together to go home. After she had carefully put her book in her bag, she stood up. Then, she gave me a fleeting glance. And with just that and not a word, she left. Without even a 'see you tomorrow' or a 'goodbye', she had briskly walked out. Perhaps I could look forward to a peaceful time in the service club if she keeps giving me the cold shoulder.

Knowing my luck, I would not cross my fingers.

As I was exiting the classroom after homeroom had finished, I spotted Hiratsuka sensei lying in wait for me.

"Hikigaya. It's time for club activities." Fuck my luck.

Well, the fantasy where the whole of yesterday was not real was just that. Not real. Time to go and possibly burn a couple of hours of my life. No biggie. It's not like time was the most precious resource to a person or anything. The thoughts of trying to get out of it resulted in me remembering the rule, "go with the flow otherwise you waste energy and still end up at the same destination.

"Let's go." Hiratsuka sensei said and started to lead the way. I stepped in line behind here like a man walking to his noose.

As we were walking, Hiratsuka sensei opened her mouth as though she'd remembered something.

"Thank you for being cooperative."

"Yes sensei, I know that you are only doing this because you care."

The female teacher stopped and looked at me. Crap, was my insincere sincere comment transparent?

"You know, if you try to escape you will lose the match with Yukinoshita by default. No buts allowed. In addition, you will be penalized. It'd be best not to expect that you will be able to graduate in your final year." I am sorry, could you please repeat that last part? The part where you threat to fail me just because I do not wish to spend my youth having to talk to my peers?

It was not long until we had arrived at our destination. Standing outside the door I turned to face my sensei before she left to do the things that she needed to do. I hoped. Please do not join us. Please.

"Um, I'm not going to run away or anything so I'll be okay going by myself. You do not have to travel with me to ensure I will attend the club in the future."

"Don't say such sad things. I want us to go together." Sensei gave a soft sigh and smiled gently. It was totally different from the usual narrowed eyes she looks at me with. The difference startled me.

"Letting you escape would be enough to make me grind my teeth. So even if I don't want to, I'll have to drag you there to ease my mental stress."

Really. Now you are trying to aggravate me. I hear that sex is a great way to 'ease mental stress' so why don't you go and fuc-. Woah, calm down. That was needlessly angry of me. I apologise.

I put my hand on the door to open it. Honestly, I was feeling annoyed but on the other hand the thought of running away irritated me too. Well putting it out of my mind. It was time for me to sit down and read until the school closes. Wait, I have to also deal with the other troublesome yet beutiful woman well it's not bad then. Yukinoshita Yukino.

The important thing is not to let anything she says get to me. Well to let it build until I react. I should keep calm and let my apathy crush anything that tries to rise within me. I also shouldn't think about us being alone together. I should just think of her being there and me being there separately.

There is nothing between us, no friendship or relationship of any kind. I do not need to obey social niceties like 'how are you? How was your day?' Breathe in and out, let's do this, let's aim for a perfect quiet reading evening.

As I opened the clubroom door, I saw Yukinoshita sitting there reading a book in the exact same position as yesterday. Off to a great start. Now just need to take my spot, far away from her and relax for the rest of the day. Class today was tedious but now I will have my happiness.

Yukinoshita just gave me a quick glance and then a second later her eyes returned to her paperback book.

"Good afternoon. I thought you weren't going to come anymore."

"Huh, did you say something?" I asked taking my spot and pulling out my current book. I was near the climax so I wanted some uninterrupted time for it.

I didn't get the feeling Yukinoshita was particularly offended by my remark. That is to say, on the other hand, she continued conversation like she didn't even care about my response.

"When one is lambasted to that degree, they wouldn't normally come again….Are you a masochist?"

Just say yes. Agree to everything she says so that she would eventually shut up.


"That was a long pause, a stalker, then?"

Sheeh, should have gone with masochist. Creeping her out may lead to her ignoring me or avoiding me. A win-win.

"Wrong again. Hey, why are you assuming that I've got a thing for you?"

"You don't?" 'I do ' but I can't say now can I ?

She nonchalantly cocked her head in puzzlement and made a confused face. I stared in what I hoped was a confused face, waiting for an explanation.

"Yes, I was convinced that you liked me.". ' (I do not like you it's just you're interesting woman Yukinoshita' ) . Yukinoshita said without being particularly surprised. Rather, she wore her usual, unchanging cold expression.

"...I see. Anyway..." I opened my book and started to get comfortable. A woman is allowed to think whatever she wants to think. As long as she doesn't involve me in her delusions then I am more than happy to let her think that I am head over heels for her.

"Well, considering your low social standing you may perceive me as strange. However, it's only natural that I came to think this way. It's something I derived from experience." Yukinoshita laughed with her shoulders pulled back proudly.

"Uh-huh," paying no attention to her. Sorry but Hikigaya's give-a-damn has expired for the day, please come back tomorrow.

Silence filled the room.

I barely finished a page before I was aware of a person staring at me.

Using one of my many skills, 'Glance', I determined that the person was none other than Miss Ice Queen.

She was staring at me, I read and turned another page. She was still staring at me, I read and turned yet another page. Darling, I could keep this up forever. I just needed to get slightly more invested in the book and then I would be able to tune everything around me out.

This deadly skill is dangerous as it lowers my senses of my surrounding to the point where I have missed the bell a few times in the past.


I looked up at Yukinoshita who had her hand over her mouth. Before she could say something, I looked back down to my book. The protagonist had just met the demon king only to find that he was only fourteen years old.


I turned the page.


I bit back a sigh, no point letting others know that they have affected you.

"Would you like a cough sweet?" I asked hoping she would say no. Why should I share my hoard of medication with her?

"No, never mind."

Good, now with the demon king...


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