34 Exit

Feng Yun shuddered feeling the monstrosity enter her snatch once again.

Grabbing he lithe waist, I pushed till the limit in one go. Her mouth couldn't help but open wide in pleasure.


After that followed the repeated hammering, each push making her charming body move like a wave starting from her pussy.

When I pulled back, instinctively she pushed and when I pushed, she pulled. Our perfect rhythm in push and pull along with my pelvis meeting her bubbly butt everytime created a slapping noises in tandem.

Like an equestrian she jumped up and down on me making us both feel extreme pleasure.

Seeing her tits inside the cloth jiggling and given no love, I felt bad. So I pulled her robe from the collar blade, sliding it until those heavenly breast popped onto my face.

Without stopping my primitive movement down there, I took one of her nipples into my mouth.

"Aah...not there.."

I already knew all of her sensitive zones, after all I thoroughly experimented with it for two whole weeks. Her weak point is... here.

I twisted her tits in my finger and bit her ears lightly and instantly I felt warm liquid against my cock.

It wasn't something new, I made her cum hundreds of time if not thousands but damn, each time I gaze at her face, the thought of profaning her further rises from the bottom of my heart.


After some time, I also couldn't hold on.


"Let's go. I hope you understand how manly I am now." I said to Yun'er after she finally calmed down from the heat of passion.

She looked away in protest.

Well, I think she learned her lesson for today. I can't be too overbearing.

After we sorted our clothes and I stored all the transparent sparkling liquid, it was time to make a move on.


But before we got out, a loud roar resounded.

"Probably it was that wisp that protected this little forest, but now that it's gone, devourer beast are able to enter here. Yun'er, come here."

I took her hand and [Instant Teleport] out of the cave.

When we were on group, I saw hundreds of devourer beast rampaging there. At the farthest point were three giant beasts I saw with my consciousness.

Flying into the air, I walked ten steps in front of Feng Yue.

Pulling my hand back after cupping them, I collected just enough energy to destroy those minions.


A streaming, powerful beam of blue energy shoot out forward as I thrusted my hand.

The beam zoomed at an unbelievable speed towards the devourer beast. Whoever came into it's contact perished without posing any resistance.

The horde of devourer beast was cleared in an instant. The remaining ones were cleared by Feng Yun.

All while this was happening, the Devourer Beast King and his hands were standing still with a calm expression, without doing anything.

But one of the hands had a really wretched and angry expression on its face. His cacophonous voice rung out. "Humans, you are really presumptuous if you think you can get away after killing our kind in front of us."

"Well... I never wanted to run away. Today, I will make sure to wipe you little mutts."

"Humph! Mutts? If it weren't for you, we would have eaten the woman behind you as the source of nourishment." He roared in anger. Abruptly all of the hair in skin ejected out and shrieked towards us like a sharp needle, only they were as big as planets.

Looking at trillions of incoming of mass of blackness, I bitch slapped it and all of them suddenly changed the direction to unknown.

"Did you really said something about killing my wife In FrOnT oF mE??!"

I didn't wait another moment, no more playing! The tattoo on my forehead shined and my consciousness expanded.

After I merged with wisp, my will is strongest now. I aimed a portion of will against that devourer beast and just crushed his soul.

It's ominous eyes went out of focus and with a thump it fell down.


It didn't even knew how it died.

The other hand seeing this started sweated bullets.

But the Devourer Beast King eyes didn't even went towards his dead comrade but remained at me.

For the first time, he spoke, "It seems I have underestimated you. To think you found the wisp, but... in its incomplete form, you should know it's still not powerful enough to kill me. And it seems like you haven't mastered any laws yet so you can't fully utilise it's strength. Its a pity, for you!"

"You think it's the only thing I have? Heh... You will pay for your ignorance."

[Nine Dragon Transformation: 6th Transformation]

Suddenly a set of golden scales started to grow out of my body. Within some moments, I was completely covered in a golden armour from head to toe.

[6th Transformation. StrengthX64]

The [Nine Dragon Transformation] was now one of the, if not the strongest physical strength enhancement skill in my arsenal. Unlike Kaio-Ken, which poses repercussions, this power-up skill has no such thing as that.

And with each transformation, my physical strength doubles!!

My dragon claws dug into space and the next second I was in front of Devourer Beast King. It's eyes changed rapidly, some amount of fear was visible vividly.

Taking out Ancestral Sword, I waved it.

The Devourer Beast King condensed it's sinister dark miasma in its palm and punched against it.


The arc of monstrosity cut his arm and his body in half.

"Imp..ossible." Were its last words before its two half body fell down on opposite sides.

I looked towards the remaining hand and operated my will and simply crushed his soul.

Undoing my transformation, I stretched my body.

So much work. Well, at least it's finally over.

I stored the corpses. Grabbing Yun'er, I disappeared from Devourer Basin.

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