4 Chapter 4

I ran upstairs as fast as I can, and boi...


I'm f*cking tired.

After I reached the floor where the screams are supposed to be located, I'm almost out of breath. But I ignore all that as I tiredly walk towards the Exit of Fire Exit I'm in and push it open since I can already hear the scream closely behind the door.

Probably whoever that screaming woman is, she is probably thinking of going to the stairs to possibly escape this place.

Smart move. That is if you didn't count the fact that she is screaming at the top of her lungs ever since I heard her.

Screaming is good, cause it might attract some people that are willing to help you, but screaming is no different than announcing your position in the entire place... and the psychopaths here are surely not deaf.

But whatever, smart move nonetheless, and lucky too since she managed to catch the attention of the great me. Now my job is much easier as I don't need to look for her anymore.

"... Now, Come to Papa." I said full of confidence as I swing open the door,

And then... I saw the supposed-to-be damsel in distress.


And then she also saw me.

"... Oh! Oi!! Help me Please! There's a guy that wants to kill me! *sob* Please help me and call the police. He— He killed my— Oi, where.. where are you goi— WAIT!!!"

You're probably thinking what did I do?

Well, I saw my target after I open the door. My target is running in my direction. The moment my Target spots me, she shouted. Asking for my help. I glanced far behind her and saw a big muscular guy, wearing a mask while carrying some huge sledgehammer over his shoulder. Also, just walking, like a typical killer in a horror movie.

It's just a moment but I already realized that this dude is also the same dude I encounter a moment ago. The one I saw when I peek at the door when I first arrived here.

After that, I look back at my target one more time before I... Move forward and bravely fight the masked guy, making my Target fall for me then get laid afterward? Nah man. I shut the door and run downstairs, again.


First of all, I'm not a believer in the saying, Every hole is a goal. And again, I'm not that desperate.

Even if I know that there's a high chance that I might die tomorrow, I'm still a picky ass b*tch. That girl is, not to my liking. She's too fat, not pretty, and just by looking at her carefully, she's a Weeb like me.

So in conclusion, I don't want to act as an honorable knight in shining armor, rescuing an Ogre from the clutch of the fire dragon... Though, don't get me wrong. The Rescuing part was scrapped, but killing the Dragon is still a go.

So, time for plan B.

At first, if my target turned out to be a beautiful, sexy, and busty woman, or at least something close to that, then I'm going for a brave effect.

The brave effect is me, facing the masked man head-on.

All of it just so I can create this effect that I'm planning or giving my life on the line just to save that particular girl, thus making her fall for me or at least care for me. You can call it a high-risk high-reward sort of thing. If her love meter is at zero when she didn't meet me yet, then if I do such a thing, it will at skyrocketed for sure to a whopping 50 to 70 percent.

Trust me, I know that will be the case. Cause if I was a girl and someone saved my ass in a near-death experience, I'll let that guy f*ck me every day. I mean, that's how it is supposed to be right? Right?

Well, whatever since it's time for my Plan B anyway. If my Plan A is to do it Bravely, then my Plan B is to do it Dirty.

Actually, me running away is also a part of my Plan B.

What, you thought that I just ran away because I don't like the girl? I'm not that heartless you know? Well, not that I can do anything about it since that fat girl is already behind me.

"... What the f*ck? How is this fatso keeping up with me? I'm clearly running downstairs at my full speed?" I mean... Not that I'm actually trying to lose her haha~

Anyway, my plan B is to, lure the masked guy into a narrow spot where I can ambush him.

Taking him head-on is risky. I can't use the gun too since I might find a much riskier scenario where I would really need that one bullet.

Besides, I can do this with the stuff I have so there's no need for me to use the gun. I am that confident. I just need to be creative.

And that's what I'm trying to do. An ambush.

Very creative huh?

You see, in your typical suspense/horror story, no matter how the main characters run, the killer can still keep up with them even though they're just walking. And no matter where they go, for some reason, the killers can still pinpoint what direction they took even though they have not seen where they go since they're taking the time of their lives while chasing them. So meaning, even if I, or we, go downstairs and pick a random floor to exit to, even if the killer didn't see that we entered that specific floor, he'll still know that we are on that floor like he has some sort of x-ray vision.

But it's a good thing that it's not an actual X-ray vision since no one will see my ambush plan comes into play.

He's wearing a mask, meaning, his vision is restricted. Not by much but it's not like his eyes are bulging out of the mask for him to have normal vision, so it's still restricted at some level. Well, not by much but enough to have some weak points.

So with that plan in mind, I continue running downstairs and quickly glance above, just to see if the masked person is at a close distance from us.

"... Alright, this should be enough," I said as I stopped and go towards the exit door of the certain floor I was in. Not sure though since I didn't count the floor I ran through.

"... Oy! *Pant* Why *Pant* Why did you run away? *Pant*" The fatso said to me as she breathed heavily.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this fatso is running behind me while shouting nonstop. She keeps shouting for me to stop and help her. What an idiot.

Anyway, after all that, I then crouched beside the exit door.

I planned to ambush that masked guy here. This angle is too sharp for him to spot, once he enters this door, he will not be able to notice me immediately since this angle is blocked by his mask, although it will only happen for an instant since he will surely spot me the moment he looks in this direction. But that instant is already enough for me to deliver an attack.

And I know myself. I know that I won't miss that chance.

Now I'm crouching on the right side of the exit door... but the dumb fatso is standing at the door itself. I'm starting to question this girl's intelligence. Can she not notice the situation? I'm here, clearly hiding, and look at her, standing in an open space like one dumb f*cker.

"What are you doing!? If you're not going to fight that guy, Let's run! He killed a person earlier, we should go downstairs immediately and call the police!"

"I planned to ambush that guy here. So can you stop standing in front of the door and hide?" I said sarcastically.

"... Ambush? That guy is so big and muscular. I saw him break the door earlier with just his bare hands, you won't be able to defeat him! Let's just run! Let's go!" The girl said panicky as we are starting to hear the heavy footsteps of the Mask man, echoing throughout the fire exit.

He's close, maybe three or four floors above.

"... Don't worry, I can take him down. I have a way." I said with a tone that is oozing with confidence.

Hearing this made the girl raise her eyes. She probably believed that I can actually take that masked guy down.

"... Ooh! D— Did you have some weapons and stuff?" The girl said enthusiastically as she glances at my backpack.

"Yeah, something like that." I shrugged as I reach for my backpack.

"What sort? Do you have something like a machine gun or a sword?" The girl said, clearly looking forward to seeing what kind of deadly weapon I'm taking in my backpack.

Oh, she's in for a surprise...

"No, but I have something much better," I said with a smile.

"What is it?"


"Huh?... Wait, Isn't that a—"

"... A God-killing weapon. A Harbinger of a million souls. The Legendary, Guitar of Death." I said in the most edgier tone I could bring up.

"... A— Are you serious?"

"... Of course."

"... You're planning to face that masked guy with that?"

"... Absolutely."

After I said that, the girl look into my face for a couple of seconds. Then, she looks at the stairs only to hear that the killer is already near. Then look back at me again and said.

"... You're a crazy person. I can't believe that I actually listened to your bullsh*ts." After that, she immediately ran inside the Fire exit again and proceed to go downstairs.

"... No one asked for you to believe me, dumbass," She didn't hear it as she was already gone. For a fatso, she sure runs fast.


Suddenly, while I'm in the middle of my rumbling, I heard a noise. It's a heavy footstep. Given how loud that footstep is, that masked guy is already close. Like, he's already on this floor.


I peek at the stairs from the open door and surely, he's already there. I can see the Man's shadow. I immediately look away, staying as low as possible.



"... It's here," I muttered as I braced myself. Hearing the footsteps gets closer, my heart started beating so hard. But I know I can do this. I just need to... wait.



The sound of the footsteps, it's getting weaker. It's as if... it's going downstairs?

"... Sh*t. He's going after that damn fatso."

The masked guy probably saw the fatso when she ran downstairs earlier. He probably decided to run after her since she is his first target.

I can't afford to miss this chance so I immediately thought of a way to drag the guy's attention. Just enough so he will think of walking towards here, but not too much that it will reveal that I'm here waiting for him to walk in.


So after doing a quick brainstorm, I immediately grab a bottle from my backpack then throw it towards the open hallway.

Of course, I threw it in the opposite direction so that's where he would look first.


It creates a loud sound as the bottle hits the floor.

After that, I listened.

The footsteps. It stopped. Then...


... it sounded again, but this time, it was getting louder.

Meaning, he's going here.

"... That's right come to Daddy," I muttered as I grip the handle of the guitar. Tightly holding it like some kind of ax.

I waited. The sound of the footsteps is already close.


I look at the handle of the door, it's twisting.


The door opened slowly, and I saw the hand of the muscular guy pushing it open.


Once I saw it, I step back, then pull the guitar away... I stretched my hand as far as possible to build up more momentum...

And the moment I saw the masked man's head enters past the door.

I flexed every fiber of my muscle.

Then with all my might...


I swung the guitar toward the mask guy's face as hard as I can.



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