36 Atop The Snowy Mountains

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A screeching bird cry scared many birds in the Snowy Mountains region and they began to fly away.

This Black Cliff Sparrow was considered the top predator in this Grade-1 wild zone. It opened its mouth and attempted to peck at Lin Huang's eyes as they locked eyes earlier.

Lin Huang retreated immediately to the center of the cave and immediately reloaded armored bullets into his GrayEagle17.

He pointed the gun at the cave entrance, waiting to open fire.

The Black Cliff Sparrow's tough beak hit hard on top of the cliff and a small part of the cliff collapsed causing the top of the cave entrance to be exposed.

Lin Huang could feel the entire cave shaking. "Bai, when the sparrow approaches, lock onto on its head and aim at its eyes!" Lin Huang had a plan.

Its eyes were the weakest part of its body but it was covered in feathers and so, it was difficult to hit its eyes accurately.

The possibility of killing it with only one armored bullet was slim but Lin Huang wanted to shoot at its eyes with his remaining four bullets at one go for maximum impact.

The Black Cliff Sparrow realized that the cave was not so tough as it managed to crack a hole with one hit and so it started to peck at it continuously. After several pecks at the top of the cave, almost half of the wall collapsed. Although Lin Huang and Bai had retreated into the cave, the Black Cliff Sparrow could see them from where it stood and began to peck even faster.

Suddenly, just when it got a chance to move closer, two strings Blood Power shot out from the cave. They resembled two ropes strangling the sparrow's neck while bashing its head into the wall.

The Black Cliff Sparrow struggled and Lin Huang took that opportunity to quickly step forward before it could run away. Lin Huang aimed his gun at its left eye and fired four shots continuously.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The Black Cliff Sparrow's left eye exploded, it stopped fighting back and collapsed.

The strings of Blood Power were then released from its neck and the Black Cliff Sparrow slowly fell from the cliff.

Xiao Hei's notification popped up in front of Lin Huang.

"Congratulations, you have received Black Cliff Sparrow Monster Card pieces x1"

"You have completed a cross-ranking kill, you are rewarded with a Double Card!"

"There's no Advance Card for the cross-ranking kill this time?" Lin Huang recalled that he was rewarded Advance Card for the previous two cross-ranking kills.

"Reward cards are usually randomly given. It was rather peculiar that you received Advance Cards twice in a row."

"It would be great if I could get a few more Advance Cards to upgrade both Bai and Tyrant into mythical brings. Bing Wang only mutated twice and he was so powerful! Bai and Tyrant would be invincible if they were to be upgraded four times!"

"The ability of Summon Cards are limited by the host. If the host’s ability remained the same, no matter how rare the card is, the upgraded monster's ability would be limited as well."

What Xiao Hei indirectly meant was the weakness of Lin Huang’s monsters were actually caused by him.

Lin Huang ignored Xiao Hei and looked at the Double Card that he just received.

Images of two piles of gold coins were at the top of the card.

Lin Huang frowned and flipped the card over.

"Double Card: Within an hour this card’s activation, the reward for killing monsters will double."

"Nothing great about this card but perhaps I could use this card to collect more card pieces when I meet some monster that I like." Lin Huang mumbled to himself.

He then took out the clip from his GrayEagle17, it was empty, "Ahh, I should've bought more bullets."

After he reloaded the gun with regular bullets, he then kept the gun in his space storage.

The sky was getting dark. Bai began to dig deeper into the cave so that they could stay the night.

As the cave was too small, Lin Huang could not summon the Sand Monster, and Bai would have to watch the night.

Lin Huang had a good night sleep and woke up around seven o'clock in the morning.

Their journey was delayed due to their encounter with the flock of White Feathered Goose yesterday afternoon.

He had dried meat and some water in the morning before starting the journey with Bai.

Lin Huang was had good stamina this morning and managed to climb 800 meters within five hours.

After a short rest, he continued his journey before noon. Six hours later, he managed to climb more than 900 meters. He had already traveled 7,200 meters, and now, he was only 1,000 meters away from the top.

Lin Huang rested for a night before his last push. Finally, after eight hours, he arrived at the top, which was 8,800 meters above sea level.

"Ahh! I'm finally here on top!" Lin Huang shouted on top of the Snowy Mountains.

Just when he was at the peak of his excitement, he was greeted by a voice that came from behind him, "It's just the Snowy Mountains, do you need to shout?"

Lin Huang turned around and saw a young man with short hair in trench coat stood behind him.

He looked the same age as Lin Huang, but taller

"Who are you?" Lin Huang wondered before he asked, "Are you from the Hunter Association?"

"I joined the assessment just like you." The short-haired man answered, expressionless.

"Were you the one who opened fire down there two days ago?"

"Yes, it's me." Lin Huang admitted and curiously asked, "How is it possible that you're faster than me? How did you get here?"

"I arrived here on the first day by riding the Black Cliff Sparrow; it only took two hours." The short-hair man looked at Lin Huang and said, "If I'm not mistaken, you killed the Black Cliff Sparrow. Is that true?"

"You're an Imperial Censor as well? Why do you want to attack me?" Lin Huang grew anxious.

"It's simple; I don't want anyone else to pass this assessment apart from myself. That's why I have been waiting here to get the Black Cliff Sparrow to attack everyone who attempted to climb the Snowy Mountains so that you guys would give up but since you're already up here, it doesn't make sense for me to wait here anymore." The man then turned around and walked to a tent that was not too far away. He proceeded to say solemnly, "I will take revenge for the Black Cliff Sparrow, but now is not the time. You have cultivated a great vampire, but you're too weak, you don't deserve to be attacked by me yet."

The man then kept his tent, waved his hand and a blood color giant bird appeared out of thin air.

Lin Huang was envious. It was a Crimson Eagle, a bronze-level mutated monster.

The short-haired man leaped onto the back of the Crimson Eagle. It flapped its wings and dove towards the bottom of the cliff…

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