MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

In the year 2100 humanity was introduced to the revolutionary full dive VR game called 'Omega', however, the game was not a technology made by humans but one granted to humanity by a higher power to prepare them for the first awakening. It was only a tutorial and a means to smoothly transition the primitive species from thinking that they were alone in the entire universe, to being integrated into the true wide universe. When the average user level in the game exceeded the predetermined threshold the tutorial finally ended and planet earth underwent a catastrophic event called the 'First Awakening ', as mana started to flow freely in the real world as it did in the virtual world and the real universal stage game called 'Sigma' was unveiled. 'Sigma' was governed by the omnipotent A.I. the universal queen, and was the grand stage where races from all across the universe fought together for territory, resources, and honor. Set in a universe where fantasy races such as elves, dragons, and vampires are not a myth but real power players, humans quickly found out that they were one of the weakest races to play 'Sigma'. In such desperate times, humans turned to their best professional players for salvation. -------------- Max, was a genius in the world of Omega and deemed the hope of mankind after the first awakening. However, an accident crippled his mana veins and caused him to be assessed as a manaless trash in Sigma! Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, he quickly went from hero to zero, and the world ignored him. For ten years since the first awakening, he lived the life of a manaless trash and became a bottom feeder in society, slowly losing his pride, his possessions, and eventually his identity. In the end, he faced a tragic and painful death while failing to save his young nephew and niece from assailants. However, it was not the end of Max's story but just the beginning as he was reincarnated back in time to the day before the first awakening before his downfall started! Armed with the knowledge of the future, watch as Max reaches for the apex in his second life and fights against his destiny with grit and tenacity. ------- My other works - MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Terra Nova Online: Rise Of The Strongest Player Villain With The Strongest System discord link :- https://discord.gg/KJtRdwcW94

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With the assistance of her Artificial intelligence ' Nemesis ' , Hazriel watched her target location from one galactic kilometre away.

The individual she was looking for was a Tier 1 human who was fated to die today. The situation surrounding his death was complicated but when her personal AI offered an explanation, she willed the explanations away, and began scanning the area.

There was some sort of festival nearby, where firecrackers burst into the skies making brilliant colors and candle lit lanterns floated into the sky. She watched the beautiful festivities idly for a while, waiting for the fateful attack destined to occur nearby.

Hazriel inspected Max who looked to be an obese man, still in his prime but with definitive handsome features underneath all that fat.

His face was symmetrical, his eyes were wide and a beautiful shade of black just like his hair and his eyebrows. If he had a more defined jaw and a lean frame he could definitely be an eye candy she would mistake for a royal angel, however unfortunately the man did not seem to take proper care of his body.

She looked a little deeper, examining his physical attributes where she spotted his flaw immediately.

He had blocked and damaged mana veins; it could be corrected, given time, but in primitive clans like humans, such individuals were often ostracized or marginalized as the weak.

In a society where only the strong could contribute to the greater good, such individuals usually led a pretty harsh life, however she knew his brother and with him around the kid should not have had a bad first part of his life. Curious, she looked into his past.

She ordered her Artificial Intelligence to pull up the boy's story, digesting it in an instant and it was about as she'd expected.

He was born with a good head over his shoulder and had a bit of talent. With his brother giving him all the luxuries of life in his upbringing it was a comfortable childhood spent just dallying around as he wished.

Taking his brother as the role model, Max worked hard as a teenager and achieved early success which led to him being deemed as a genius and a child prodigy at a very young age.

His fate changed when he accidentally entered a VR pod designed to contain his brother's powerful mana, which led to his mana pathways being damaged and destroyed and his fate had been sealed since.

Although it was not apparent in the manaless planet that Earth was before the first awakening, once the mana barrier was lifted and everyone became capable of wielding mana, Max's deformity began to show.

He was born with a chip on his shoulder, and others increased his burden because of it. Yet at first, he still fought. She could admire that.

Betrayed by his loved one, ostracized by the society as a weakling and a 'manaless trash' Max's personality was whittled down over the years until he became a shell of his true self and became a desk-job worker.

" Nemesis, what is his karmic value? Does his soul qualify for time-soul reversion? " Hazriel asked with a determined voice.

" The karmic value of his soul in this timeline is 0.000000000000000000001, he qualifies for time-soul reversion at the cost of 100 divine essence ". Nemesis the AI replied.

Hazriel winced at the cost, a whole divine essence was a large cost even for her, however she owed Rudra Rajput a debt and with her helping his brother that debt would be settled.

Hazriel erased Max's past.

His fate unspooled in front of her, a series of images stringing from one to another. She would have seen clearer images, even branching paths, had she left her eyes functional, but in her current disguised state this was the best she could do.

Hazriel saw Max's life path after she would give him a second chance at life and send him back to the day before this primitive planet underwent first awakening, and it could be summarised as follows.


The boy rights his wrongs and makes amends with his brother while dumping all the toxic people in his life before they wronged them.

He tries hard to succeed as an adventurer and advances to tier 2 instead of being stuck at tier 1 like this life.

After finding a passion for combat studies he becomes a world renowned combat analyst and commentator for gladiator sports.

He becomes a bartender nearing his sixties and opens a tavern in a distant planet to serve human and elf customer on travels.

He dies a happy man with no wife or children of his own.

That was all.


Hazriel was not surprised with how Max would live, most who underwent rebirth could not impact the universal timeline to a large degree which was why the queen allowed souls with extremely low karmic value to reincarnate at an absurdly high price.

However with a little nudge in the right direction this fate had an extremely small probability to shift towards a better future.

After checking with her A.I Hazriel gritted her teeth and paid the extra 10 divine essence price to nudge him in the right direction as she patiently waited for the events leading to his death.

Right on time as her A.I had predicted the werewolves blew apart his house and abducted his kin before killing him brutally.

For most it would be the end, however for Max it was to be a new beginning.

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