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MHA: The Jade Spear God


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In this day and age, 80% of the general population had been gifted by this extraordinary ability that people called "Quirks". Those people acquired fame, money and glory while the unfortunate 20% receive nothing but shame. "Even if I am quirkless, even if the chances are against me and no one believe that I can make it, even if the heavens are against me, I shall split the heavens and become the best hero the world would ever seen" ------------------------------------------------------------------- A My Hero Academia Fanfic which took place in a parallel timeline. Izuku worked hard to be a hero, learned many martial arts and the use of many time of weapons. Will Izuku receive One For All? That will be a surprise. Disclaimer: I don't own any character of My Hero Academia, except for some OC that i will introduce. The cover its not mine, I found it on Pinterest it belongs to the user Rosana.


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