1 Childhood

In a world full of superpowers called quirks is a child barely four years of age. His name is Yasushi Kira. The child has shining blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is a very quiet kid. Rather than playing with his peers, he plays all by himself. Due to his behavior, most of the children thought of him as weird. However, those things just went over his head. He lives in a house near the train station with his parents. His father Hideo Kira is a tall easy-going man with short black hair and brown eyes. His mother Kyoko Kira is a kind and caring housewife with long brown hair.

One day Yasushi was playing by himself in a sandbox and another boy came to him. "Hey, you come with me!" He looked at the boy and answered. "No" That visibly frustrated him so he grabbed Kira´s shirt. "Huh? What did you say?" "Leave me be." The angered boy tried punching him. His strike was very fast for a child. When Yasushi was about to be hit out of his shoulder grew a transparent arm and caught the bully´s hand. "Please, leave me alone." It frightened the bully and he ran away.

Later at home, Yasushi was waiting for dinner. His mother was making him a sandwich. "So how was your day?" "Mostly good, but there was this mean boy who punched me." "What? Are you okay?" Asked his mother in shock. "Nothing happened. The hand stopped him." Kyoko became confused. "What hand?" Yasushi got engulfed in a purple hue and the hand appeared out of his shoulder again. It was white with a black glove and golden skull-shaped ornaments. "Honey, Yasu´s quirk has awakened!" shouted Kyoko enthusiastically. Out of the study came his father. "Really? Then we´ll need to go to the registry later. Show me what can you do." Yasushi nodded and another hand appeared on his other shoulder. "Oh, that will be hard to name for the doctors. Maybe we´ll get to name it ourselves." "Yasu, if your quirk is strong you can be a hero." Said his mother. "Hero? Do heroes make a lot of money?" The parents chuckled and both answered. "Yeah, heroes make a lot of money." "Then I´ll be a hero."

The next day they went to the quirk registry. A young doctor greeted them. "You are the Kira family, right? Come in." They walked into the office. "We´ll start with some basic questions and later move on to the examination." "Alright" "What is your quirk?" "Plant Growth acceleration." "and your husband´s?" "Clear Mind." "When did your child awaken his quirk?" "Yesterday." "How did it manifest?" "It tried to protect Yasushi." "How would you describe the quirk?" "Yasushi glows purple and hands sprout out of his shoulders." "Now, let´s get to the examination. Follow me." They go to another room with some equipment.

"Yasushi, can you activate your quirk, please." said the doctor. An arm sprouts out of his shoulder. "Punch this machine as hard as you can." The arm flies to the machine. "Incredible. 19,2 m/s for a four-year-old is amazing." Yasushi became thrilled when he heard the praise. "You said the quirk tried to defend him by itself right?" "Yeah" "Ok, stand here and don´t move." The doctor points to a place next to the wall. As he comes to the place robotic arm start moving around him. When it tries to touch the child the quirk swiftly grabs it. Another arm flies at him and is immediately caught. Then a third arm comes, but out of Yasushi steps a white creature with cat-like ears and sweeps the machines away with its kick. "Fascinating. I´ve never seen such a quirk before." They return to the office and the doctor says. "I must say this is an extremely rare situation. A completely unique quirk formed between two people with completely unrelated quirks. If you find out something new please come back to update the quirk. Have a nice day and goodbye." "Goodbye." Said the family as they exited the registry.

The years went by and the child grew up. He took an interest in playing piano and as he had four hands he quickly became very good at it. In school, he was very quiet so he didn´t make many friends. Most of his classmates understood that and didn't bother him. His grades were excellent in every subject.

One day he was coming back from his piano lesson and he heard a scream coming from an alley. "Help! help me!" "Nobody will hear you, bitch." The twelve-year-old came into the alley and saw a man assaulting a middle-aged woman. "Would you stop?" The man turns at him and starts laughing. "Hahaha, what are you doing here kid. Did you think I´d stop if you asked me nicely? Don´t pretend to be a hero." A purple hue surrounds him. "I never thought that would work, but I had to try it." "Hmm, what is this?" The thug noticed a hand touching him, but it was too late. He disappeared in an explosion. "I´m sorry for the inconvenience madam. Can you stand?" "Y-yes, thank you very much." "I´m happy I helped you, but could you please not report this to the police." "Yes" "Then have a nice day. Goodbye." Later he arrived home and nobody knew something happened. That was how he awakened his explosion ability.

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