104 Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde

Jean Grey, the host of the Phoenix force and if trained, possibly the Phoenix of the white crown— stood before me with wide eyes.

"How ya' been?"

She seemed too shell-shocked to process my words and all she could afford to mutter was—


Jean is Xavier's first student who he found when her powers first manifested. She was shy and sceptical of going with him and that's where I come in.

I was too busy getting rid of the reality warpers so I had to find a suitable place for her to stay and train… And that's when I thought of letting Xavier train her.

But I know Xavier better than anyone else. 

He is too much of a control freak… Not that I can talk but because of that I had to keep an eye out for him. And thankfully he hasn't tried anything funny yet.

He still sealed her Phoenix force but I supported that decision. Phoenix is a dangerous entity and I ain't capable of facing it as of yet. I needed time and thus I didn't interfere with the sealing— instead, I made the seals stronger.

I have a few years before it breaks out but by then… I will have the means to subdue it.

She let the books fall on the ground and came rushing towards me— giving me a hug.

I chuckled at her antics. "How has everyone been treating you, Red?"

"Great!" She replied enthusiastically. "And it's even better now that you are here!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Since when did you learn to talk like that?" 

She seemed flustered at my question. "Y-You don't like it."

Now that's the Jean I know.

"I like it… but was surprised." I smiled. "I am glad that you are now confident."

"I have a long way to go…" She mumbled. "It's thanks to Kitty."

"Kitty?" I acted surprised.

She gave me an enthusiastic nod. "Kitty Pryde! She is a mutant like us and she can phase through matter. She's amazing!"

I chuckled a little. "She sounds like an interesting girl."

"She is." Jean answered, trying to regain her composure. 

She tried putting on a serious look. "How long are you here for?" 

I gave her a shrug. "A few years. I don't have anything major to do… So, I am planning to complete my studies." 

I am never going to school again but I am more than capable of acing a high school test without studying. 

"That's great news!" 

Again, her antics made me laugh.

"Yep. Now, how about showing me around, Red." I said and picked up the books that she forgot about.

Looking at me picking up the books, she blushed. "Sorry."

"No worries." I smiled.

[[Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde]]

What's taking Jean so long? She was supposed to be here with the books quite a while ago. But now I am stuck here alone…

Having enough of waiting, I decided to get out and check what was taking her so long. 

As I checked through the hallway, I found her walking towards the study room with a boy beside her. 

Who is that…

He's good looking that's for sure. Black hair with dark eyes and a face that looked awfully similar to someone...

As they walked closer, I called Jean— drawing their attention.

"Hey, Jean. Who do you have there?" 

The both of them looked at me— with Jean looking excited while the boy wore a calm smile.

"Kitty!" She rushed towards me while the boy calmly walked behind her. "Meet Markus, my friend."


Putting on a smile, I shook his hand. 

"Katherine." I said. "Katherine Pryde."

"Markus Hanley." 

I felt my legs giving out as I heard his surname.

That's why he looked familiar… He is the youngest Hanley!

What do I do? Did I seem rude to him? 

He is the son of the late Marcellus Hanley, the most respected man in the world and I acted so casually in front of him. Will he take offence.

"You are thinking too much." Jean said, awaking me from my thoughts. "Markus doesn't like to be treated like some celebrity." She smiled at him. "He is the same as us, a mutant."

A mutant, huh? I did hear that both of Marcellus' sons were mutants… but to meet the youngest son… is quite nerve-wracking. 


He burst out laughing. "Jean is right. Don't treat me any different because of my family… I am the same as you two— a teenage mutant." 

He seemed a lot different from his older brother, Magnus— but I have only seen Magnus on television. I cannot exactly say much about his personality either.

"I apologise for that." 

He shook his head at my apology. "Don't worry about it. But you are Kitty, huh? You are prettier than Jean described."

And of course, he is good with words. His father was said to have a silver tongue and his son seems no different.

Smiling at his words, I replied. "Thank you, but you are not bad either. You might be even better looking than your brother."

Jean looked at our interaction "Kitty… Markus… Don't start here." She sighed. "Now that I think about it, both of you might be quite similar."

Are we?

He looked at Jean and smirked.

Oh well… maybe we are.

"Maybe, we were lovers in our past life~" I teased, which made Jean go wide-eyed and blush.

"Or maybe, we were siblings." He looked at me with a raised eyebrow while keeping a smirk on his face.


But he is a mutant, huh? I wonder what his ability is. Is he strong like an Alpha level?

"I heard you have the ability of intangibility. Sounds like a cool ability." He said. "But… does it have any side-effects?"

That was a first. People are often amazed by my ability but they never ask me if it causes any trouble.

"A few… I know two but there might be more." I sighed. "I sometimes phase through during my sleep." I gave him a strained smile. "And anytime my emotions run wild, my ability goes haywire."

People often see the coolness but not the problems the ability causes.

He sighed. "I can relate."

His response made me even more curious about his ability. 

"Even Jean… whose ability is super powerful has difficulty controlling it. So, I guess almost every mutant has some weaknesses?"

I guess… 

But as we were talking, we heard the ringing of a bell.


"Looks like it's training time." Jean said. 

"Yeah, I didn't even realise it was eleven." 

Every morning at eleven, we train our mutant abilities in the danger room.

Jean looked at Markus and grinned. "Hey, Markus… How about you join us for training."

He seemed a bit unsure. 

"Yeah, please. Maybe we can all learn something from one another. And you will also meet the rest of the students in the training room." I requested. 

It was a great way to learn about his abilities… and I was not losing that chance.

He scratched his chin and shrugged. "Sure, I guess." He sighed. "But don't expect too much. I might have gotten a bit rusty as I rarely use my abilities." 

"It's fine." I said with Jean nodding. "We just need to get you warmed up."

He seems like an interesting guy… Might just be worth being friends with.


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