Marvel: Live Broadcasting The Spoilers! [Translation On Pause] Book

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Marvel: Live Broadcasting The Spoilers! [Translation On Pause]


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A dimensional live broadcast system has come to Asgard, Kamar Taj and other places. With the exposure of various spoilers such as "Avengers 3", the entire multiverse of the Marvel is in chaos! Loki: After being beaten by Hulk, killed by Thanos, and forced to join the TVA, I end up loving female Loki? Iron Man: Dark Elves? Time Travel? Multiverse? This is awesome! Deadpool: Wow! I can actually slaughter the Marvel Universe! So cool! Thor: My hammer... And damn! How did I get so fat! Scarlet Witch: I would never fall in love with a robot! Not to mention "no more mutants"! Magneto: Wanda, in a different parallel universe, you can still call me Daddy. Thanos: I snapped my fingers, but I still failed...


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