Marvel: Little Genius

Reborn in the Marvel world, becoming Tony Stark's illegitimate child and gaining all the wisdom of the mechanical prodigy Hiro Hamada from the Big Hero 6. This is a story about a mechanical little genius and his charming old man... ************** This is not my story and is written by a Chinese author. This is a Machine translation. I have cleaned all the chapters I publish to the maximum of my capabilities. It's not perfect, but it's still an enjoyable read. **************

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Chapter: 17

"Oh, by the way, if we switch to that, we can also streamline the power system. Baymax, delete the electric engine in the sports car mode. Move the Ark Reactor, the core of the power source, to the engine's location. This time, I have a major modification!"

Mark's inspiration this time came from another genre of large mechs—the piloted type, specifically the classic IP of Mobile Suit Gundam. Yes, if you were once young and indulged in freedom, and you've watched this iconic anime from that island country, you can probably guess what Mark will use as the weapon system and auxiliary power in the sports car mode. It's one of the revolutionary and imaginative concepts from that era: the NT-D System, also known as the Funnel or Mobile Suit.

The NT-D System is a wireless and unmanned long-distance attack weapon. It has its own propulsion engine, monoeye optical imaging system, beam cannons, and control system. Since it's controlled through psychic waves transmitted by brainwave transmission systems, it is completely immune to electromagnetic signal interference and capable of multiple long-range attacks. Additionally, depending on its structural design, it can transform into a close combat particle sword and energy shield, making it a versatile design.

Moreover, with Mark's existing technological capabilities, replicating the Mobile Suit is entirely possible. After all, if it were possible, do you think he wouldn't want to replicate the classic ATP barrier from Neon Genesis Evangelion? Unfortunately, I can't do it!

However, replicating the Mobile Suit is different. The independent propulsion engine poses no major difficulty, and it can be powered by a separate Ark Reactor, enabling its modular attack capabilities. As for the optical imaging system, it's a breeze. With the holographic scanner's omnidirectional detection, not even a mosquito can escape Mark's gaze.

The beam cannon technology can be obtained directly from dear old dad, and control systems happen to be one of Mark's strong suits. The brainwave transmission system, which sounds fancy, is actually a concept that gained popularity in a past life—the brain-machine interface. Coincidentally, Mark's mind already has a reserve of this technology. In the memory information he received from young Hiro, one of the machines he developed, the Miniature Magnetic Axis Robot, was controlled using a brainwave amplifier, and the technology is quite mature.

Furthermore, the need for brainwave system control is minimal. In most cases, the Mobile Suit will be operated by the mech's own intelligent AI. However, Mark couldn't help but fantasize about controlling several Mobile Suit units behind the scenes, obliterating enemies without lifting a finger. The drool couldn't help but flow. This scenario proves that no matter the universe, humans cannot escape the irony of the "zhēn xiāng dìng lǜ" (true fragrance law).

With the design direction determined, Mark organized his thoughts and quickly began a new round of design work. Ordinary doors were replaced with Mobile Suit energy shields, and the trunk was modified to house Mobile Suit module components, providing power in the sports car mode. Mark's mind was now brimming, and flashes of inspiration kept coming. He soon finalized the design.

"The mech is more or less like this. Tomorrow, I'll do a holographic scan and automatic modeling of the exterior design in the garage. Sleep, sleep!" Mark, who hadn't even changed out of his work clothes all day, collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep. Baymax, who had been assisting Mark, approached quietly and gently covered their little master with a blanket.

(●—●) "Good night, Master," Baymax softly uttered before turning and returning to their charging station to hibernate.


The next morning, well-rested without staying up late, Mark's vitality returned. "Good morning, Baymax!"

(●—●) Baymax's charging station glowed briefly.

Stepping out of the room, Mark habitually called out, "Good morning, Jarvis!"

"Good morning, Master Mark. What would you like for breakfast today?"

"Let's discuss breakfast later. I'll go down to the garage first to collect the exterior data I need for the car. My design will be completed soon."

"Wishing you success, Master Mark."

Arriving at the garage, Mark saw Tony, with tired eyes and dark circles, working on the welding table alongside Dum-E.

"Next one, step up. Not the boot, Dum-E! Here, got it? Don't move, very good. You're useless; I'll handle the toes—"

"Their collaboration continued amidst Tony's incessant and discordant complaints. Mark didn't disturb them and went alone to the front of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with his holographic scanner, starting to collect data.

When Mark finished his work and passed by Tony, Tony had already put on the leg thrusters he had just completed and was preparing for a test.

"Hey, old man, I told you it needs a balance stabilizer to ensure safety. You're being reckless!" Seeing Tony skipping computer simulations and going straight to the test, Mark couldn't help but remind him.

But Tony didn't care, "Don't worry, all the safety measures are in place. Dum-E, be ready for firefighting. And I already had successful flight experience in the Middle East, although the power was insufficient later on. But with me, Tony Stark, personally controlling it, there's no need for balance assist."

"Whatever you say, Jarvis!"

"At your command, Master Mark."

"Wake up Baymax for me and have it bring the medical kit."

"Understood, Master Mark."

"Alright, Mark, you need to have some faith in me. Dum-E is ready to roll. Begin with a stride, half a meter, dead center. Alright, activate manual control and start slowly. Let's see if we can achieve a 10% propulsion increase."

"I think it would be better to start with 1% and gradually increase," Mark suggested, vividly recalling this iconic scene from Iron Man 1. But now that he was Tony's son, Mark reminded Tony once again.

Tony shook his head and started the countdown directly, "Three... Two... One!"


As expected, Tony somersaulted and hit the ceiling.


Then he descended from the ceiling to the ground.

Hearing the loud noise, Mark couldn't bear to look and put down his hand that was covering his eyes.

"Eh, I warned you, but you ended up suffering right in front of me." Mark shook his head, sighed, and realized that Tony's overconfidence had led to his own downfall. "Oh, Dum-E, send me a copy of the camera recording. I want to make a funny video. Hehehe! Old man, you've given me some material to use..."