212 CHAPTER 205

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I looked at Mimir, who looked back at me with an emotionless look. It was almost as if staring at a corpse, giving me an unsettling feeling that crawled down my back, in an unusual way.

It wasn't fear.

It was something else.

"Thor Odinson, take a step into the well, and make your offering," Mimir spoke, his eyes never leaving me. It almost felt familiar.

"Wish me luck," Thor smiled at me, walking into the well with a sense of uncertainty.

"You are mighty, you need no luck," I replied, trying to assure my friend things would go okay.

"Indeed," Thor nodded, taking the first step into the seemingly bottomless well.

Something I had failed to notice before.

The well felt infinite.

Almost like the stones in a way, but way less abstract.

"Now, submerge, and make your sacrifice, and claim your power," Mirmir spoke, as Thor walked deeper and deeper into the well, his body begging to glow in a faint yet powerful form light that seemed to be composed in its entirety out of pure cosmic energy.

Thor said nothing in return, diving into the well, leaving me alone with the head of Mimir, staring deep into my eyes.

"So, I guess it's my turn?" I asked, to which the head said nothing. This was getting, rather awkward.

Eventually, however, the head sighed, his lifeless gaze moving from me to the well, "You seem to misunderstand, the well, has nothing to offer you."

"What?" I asked, frowning. The well was the source of infinite knowledge, Omniscience in a drinkable form, how could that not have anything to offer me.

"As I said, the well has nothing to offer you," Mimir replied, his eyes once again back to me.

"Is it because I'm a human?" I asked, perhaps that was the reason, perhaps only Asgardians could use the well, or in even more restrictive case scenario, perhaps only could Thor use the well.

"No, once again you misunderstand, perhaps it is my bad," Mimir sighed, looking to the side, "I suppose being in a cave for all over a few millennia has dulled my social skills to a greater extent than I originally assumed, who knows, but… that's beyond the point, the point is…" he sighed, clicking his tongue, "The well can't offer you anything, after all, what's the point of offering you something you already have."

Something I already have? "I apologize if I sound vulgar, but what in the fuck are you smoking? Do I look omniscient?"

Mimir snorted, cracking a smile at me, which unsettled me even more than his normal emotionless self, "So much power, so much knowledge, yet all locked within a lie."

I scowled, "Look, I came here for answers, can you give any? I'm tired of the mysterious load of crap."

Mimir smiled, "Unfortunately, I can't give you what you want, for it is beyond my power to do so, but… I can show you," he chuckled, "Perhaps the well of knowledge can offer you something, after all."

"So, I have to give something, right?" I asked.

"No," Mimir replied, back to his emotionless self.

"Well… good for me," I sighed, walking into the well.

"Know this, Alex, I can only show you, but a brief moment of what you wish to know, do with that what you can," Mimir said, and soon after a bright light engulfed me.


The moment the light engulfed, everything around me changed fast, my environment exploding with colors. The change was brief, and lasted less than a second, when I found myself once again standing in front of Mimir, but somehow, even though it had been so fast, it had showed me so much.

That brief but powerful moment, had shown me the beginning of everything. The spark of creation.

I knew it.

I was sure of it.

But the question now was, why the hell had the well shown me that?!

"I saw the beginning of everything," I muttered, "Why… Why did I see the beginning of everything?" I asked Mimir.

"What I showed you is nothing more than something you have already witnessed," Mimir replied in his tone grave, "I can't tell you the reason behind such vision, only that you already know, or should know this."

What was I supposed to do with that? Was my origin in this universe linked to the beginning of it all?

"If I am allowed to give you a piece of advice, I recommend you visit the roots of Yggdrasil, they will show you more, much more than I can show you," Mimir added, to which I silently nodded.

After that vision.

I wanted to know more.

Because for some reason I had yet to understand, seeing that, had made me feel incomplete.

"The King emerges," Mimir said, gaining my attention once again, as the water of the well started to glow, with Thor slowly emerging from the well, both of his eyes missing.

"Brother," Thor spoke, turning to look at me with a wide smile.

"So you gave both of your eyes in the end," I commented.

"I did, not that I need them any longer," Thor chuckled, walking out of the well, his entire body giving a different aura, almost as if he had matured decades the brief moment he had been in there.

"Do you still want robotic eyes?" I asked.

"I do," Thor smiled, giving a bear hug, as he whispered close to my ear, "We need to talk."

I blinked, nodding to his request as I turned to look at Mimir, "Where are the roots of Yggdrasil?"

"Down that path," Mimir replied, as a new path appeared, once seemingly made out of the roots of several tangled trees, weaving a tapestry of unique design.

"Very well," I nodded, walking with Thor out of the well, following the root path, "What happened?" I eventually asked Thor.

"Did you know you are older than me?" Thor replied.

I stopped, turning to look at him with a befuddled look, "No,"

"I know so much now, however, you seem to be a blank in my knowledge, all I know, is that you are older than me, and father, and his father, older than Asgard to summarize," Thor sighed, scratching the back of his head, "I wanted to ask you, to see if it ring any bells, but you seem as confused as me."

"Mimir showed me a vision," I said, taking a deep breath, "It didn't last long, a second at most, but it was about the beginning of time, the beginning of all, a vision that according to him was something I had witnessed by myself."

"So, as old as the universe, huh?" Thor mused, before breaking into a fit of laughter, "I knew you were a God alright!"

I smiled, at least one of us wasn't perturbed by the implication of that.

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