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212 - Change of Approach

"So you put yourself in a genjutsu to be teleported somewhere else with your cell phone?" Ren Sarutobi asked confused.

He had never heard of a shared genjutsu, at most, two people in close proximity were put into the same genjutsu so that they could interact with each other and theoretically see the same thing.

But a genjutsu where two people in different places could see each other and interact was something completely new.

With this tool, the Hokage could hold daily meetings with the commanders of the various fronts of the war without having to rely on messenger animals.

"Exactly, with the technological development of the Oasis, you can use your cell phone to communicate with people in other places, eat different foods made by talented people from all over the world, have fun in exotic places you have never seen before, including various other activities, such as the ninja's favorite, a fight to the death in an arena. Since this is a virtual world, even if you fight another ninja to the death and die in the battle, your body and consciousness will remain intact after the battle, leaving only the experience you gained in that battle. Mia said with a cute smile.

But her words were far from sweet to the ears of Ren and the other ninjas of Konoha.

Especially the part about the fight to the death.

As three Jonin of Konoha, they could see how useful this function of the arena was and if it was really as miraculous as they said, it could improve the strength of a village many times faster.

Remembering how Kaito had acted yesterday, Ren began to understand where his confidence came from.

With this mobile phone, he could instantly command all the battle fronts, bringing the organization and synchronicity of his village's battle to a whole new level and catching the enemies off guard at any moment.

With the training of this arena, he could increase the strength of the chunin to special jonin, from special jonin to normal jonin, and with such a strong increase coupled with the cell phone communication, what had previously seemed like a losing battle for them was now something they actually had a chance to win.

I will have to change the terms of the agreement...' Ren thought in frustration.

"How much does a cell phone like this cost?" Ren asked, curious and worried, since such a useful device must cost a few million Ryo, right?

"Each phone sells for 15,000 Ryo, and for now, it's only available in black, but in the future, other colors will be available." Mio explained, leaving Ren and the Konoha ninja in shock.

"That's really cheap!" Ren exclaimed. "Give me 10 cell phones."

With an apologetic smile, Mia shook her head. "Unfortunately, we can't sell that many, each person can only buy one cell phone."

"Why? Konoha is the richest and most powerful village in the world, do you really not want us to become your customers?" Ren asked indignantly.

"That's not the problem, we don't doubt your money, but since the mobile phone is a new technology in this world, we prefer to keep an eye on who it's sold to and at what price. We know that cell phones are cheap and bad people can take advantage of that. Of course, we know that's not your case, but in order to maintain fairness, the store blocks the sale of only one phone per person." Mio patiently explained.

Listening to her explanation, Ren could only shake his head in frustration.

"Alright then, we'll buy 3 cell phones, but ask me one question, if Konoha wants more cell phones, will we have to come to Uzumaki Village to buy them?" Ren asked.

Shaking her head, Mia replied. "No, in the future, we intend to expand our business and open stores in other cities and towns, and because of the proximity to Konoha and the relationship between the two cities, you may be our next priority."

Although it sounded like a simple sentence, Ren realized that there was something to it.

At the moment, Konoha was only at the top of this Daimyo's priority list because of its proximity to the Uzumaki, but if that changed, the priority could also shift to another village.

When Ren Sarutobi thought about facing Mist Village equipped with these cell phones and understanding the problem it would pose for Konoha, he finally realized the problem it could pose for them.

"Is that some kind of threat?" Ren asked angrily.

But to his frustration, Mia and Mio on the screen didn't change their expressions, still with a gentle expression, Mio replied. "Of course not, we're just presenting you with our business strategy, how you deal with this information is up to you and your village."

Although he was angry, Ren knew that he couldn't do anything about it at the moment, so he bought the three cell phones and left after receiving a tutorial from the attendant on how to set up the cell phone with his information and how to use all the functions.

Even though he was angry, Ren had to admit that this cell phone was very useful.

"Emi, go back to the village and show this phone to the Hokage, we can test the long distance feature where I can explain the situation to the Hokage and change our approach with the Uzumaki depending on the Hokage's reaction." Ren explained, earning a scene from Emi, the female ninja in their group, leaving only him and the other ninja in the village.

Among them, Emi was the ninja with the greatest speed, so she was usually in charge of transmitting information between two points. While the journey of the three of them to the Uzumaki village took 7 days, if Emi went alone at top speed, avoiding too many stops to rest, it would only take her 3 days.

"Alright, I'll get my things and go back to the village right away." Emi nodded in agreement.

Although she wanted to try to shop at the oasis, just as Mia had explained to them, she knew that the current priority was to get the cell phone back to Konoha and to decide how they were going to act, since the attack on the Uzumaki was imminent and they needed to make a decision as soon as possible.

The next day, to the shock of the Uzumaki ninjas, they heard a very loud noise of a monster approaching their village early in the morning, causing them to go on alert and immediately prepare for battle.

Even the two ninjas from Konoha were ready to help, curious to know what the monster was that was making such a strange noise.

Despite the loud, monstrous sound, it didn't sound like a beast with a tail, so the ninjas climbed up the village wall and looked around to see what was making the noise.

Suddenly, they felt chakra approaching and saw a yellow silhouette coming out of the street toward the village.



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