77 Chapter 075 Three doors

Chapter 075

"Finally, there's no more."

Alex took a deep sigh as he pulled his sword out of the flame wolf at his feet. The wolf whimpered slightly as the flames around its body disappeared.

Soon, the monster turned into red particles shaped like shards that Alex assumed to be its soul.

It has taken him a long time and some burn medicines but he has managed to defeat the wolves.

They were tougher than he was expecting and the biggest of them even reminded him of Fenris, from Thor Ragnarok. Just with flames.

The shards became invisible after a while as he went through the notifications that popped up.

[You have defeated all the Flame wolves.]

[You have cleared 'Level 1' of the Tower of Eraskis.]

[Flame resistance has permanently increased by 50% as a reward.]

'I didn't know I would get a reward too.'

He thought as he dismissed the notifications from his vision.

Then, he walked towards the three doors, curious to know why there were three of them and what each colour implied.

As he stepped closer, he noticed there were some words written on them, not in a language he knew. But he was able to understand what it meant.

'The door of strength.' He looked at the red door.

'The door of puzzles.' His eyes moved towards the green one.

'The door of mysteries.' Finally, he stared at the yellow one.

"It seems like I have to choose one of them."

Alex muttered and it was easy to guess that it was just a way for him to choose a door that he was confident in.

Problem was that he wasn't particularly confident in anything.

First of all, he began by crossing out the green door which was the door of puzzles. He wasn't really confident in puzzles and he was pretty sure the tower was gonna throw mind games at him.

Something which he didn't particularly enjoy.

Now, the choice was between the red and the yellow door. It was fairly easy to understand what the red one meant.

If he chose it, there was a high chance he would meet more monsters like the Flame wolves and actually, it wasn't a bad option.

Alex was confident in his strength and even though he wasn't as strong as something like the Hulk, he could still stand his ground against most types of enemies.

Even if he failed to pass through a stage with his strength, he could just use his hero shop to find an item to help him out.

But the yellow door – The door of mysteries sounded nice too. He didn't know what he would face but there was a sort of attraction towards the door.

Maybe, because it gave him a mysterious feeling.

There was one more thing.

'Clearing the first level gave me a 50% increase in fire resistance. Maybe, I can get more permanent boosts by clearing the levels.'

It was a clear chance for him to grow stronger and maybe even gain powers that would help him out in upcoming plotlines.

There was no way Alex would mind a power that could help him defeat Thanos way before Endgame.

And even after that, there would be villains like Mysterio or maybe in the future, Galactus would come too.

'I need more power. Way more.'

Alex pondered for a while.

Both the red and yellow doors made him want to enter them but he could only choose one of the two.

Finally, in the end, he placed his hand on the yellow door.

A bright light enveloped him as he suddenly disappeared from Level 1 and when he opened his eyes again, he was standing in a wide room.

The floor was made up of square marble tiles and the atmosphere was very eerie.

Though, this time, the room wasn't empty. It was filled with stone statues which resembled warriors and most of them were holding some kind of weapon.

He could see another yellow door on the other side and the ceiling was the same as Level 1.

'Umm, is this a puzzle?'

He thought and frowned.

Alex didn't like puzzles much, especially because he always used to fail in them in his past life.

But currently, he needed to solve this one no matter what. As he was looking around the room, notifications appeared in front of him.

[Level 2 has officially started.]

[Solve the 'Room of Stone soldiers'. Reach the end and you will be able to pass through the level.]

[If you die in the Tower of Eraskis, you will lose your life in the real world too.]

The three notifications were something Alex had expected but they didn't end there. Another notification popped up suddenly.

[Luck applies! A hint has been generated. To be fair, the hint is written in the ancient devil language.]

As Alex read the notification, a stone tablet suddenly appeared next to him. Looking down on it, he noticed that it wasn't in a language that he understood.

"This must be the devil language. What the hell is this Tower of Eraskis?"

He muttered, shaking his head and frowning.

There was no way he could understand such a language which he had never even heard before.

Trying to find a solution, he opened the hero shop and searched through the items. 

'Some kind of language translator… uhhh… yes, there it is!'

After looking through it for 5 minutes, he finally found something that could help him.

An item called 'Translator glasses'.

It was an item that had a limited effect of just one day and it would stop working after that.

Because of that, the price was only 110 HP.

Buying it, he wore the glasses and looked at the tablet again. The words still were in the devil language but after a while, they changed to English.

['Room of Stone soldiers' is made based on the souls of soldiers who were turned into stones due to failing a rebellion. They will attack you if you walk onto a particular tile. As you walk further into the room, the number of safe tiles will keep decreasing.]

Reading the hint, Alex frowned as he wondered how he was going to deal with this room.

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