3 Marvelous opportunity.

Once I delved deep into the vast expanse of data, eagerly seeking to comprehend my predicament, I couldn't claim that the enigmatic puzzle pieces had miraculously fallen into place; oh no, quite the contrary.

Once I connected to the internet, I began my quest through historical archives, the lives of notable individuals, the scientific field, and everything within my reach.

What I discovered while skimming through the data was nothing short of astonishing. It seemed I had acquired a photographic memory, but that's a tale for another time.

Within the depths of this information, a startling truth emerged: by some fate, I indeed found myself within the Marvel cinematic universe.

Yes, you heard that right. Captain America is real, but the war hero is now frozen in time and ice, just like I once was.

Iron Man is zooming across the skies in his powerful armor, causing a frenzy among politicians and sparking the desire within everyone to get their hands on the technology.

Honestly, that suit looks even more incredible in real life.

I stumbled upon Bruce Banner's disappearance and countless other details that seamlessly aligned with the established timeline of the MCU.

And now, here I am, added to the curriculum of this batsh*t crazy world.

With the realization of the world I now inhabit came the conclusion of the perilous and dangerous infestation that plagues it.

now thinking on my past life misgivings that have etched themselves upon my soul.

Death. I shall not experience that unless on my terms.

powerlessness and helplessness.

I vow that such ordeals will never befall me again.

I will no longer allow anyone to strip it away from me.

I refuse to be a pawn or a casualty of another's war.

No longer will I submit to the whims of destiny, like a mere leaf caught in harsh winds.

I possess knowledge of the future events that shape this world, which gives me the ability to bend destiny to my will.

the existence of beings such as Thanos, the dark elves, and a multitude of villains, both known and unknown, who could effortlessly extinguish my very life.

Would I let that happen?

Hell no, I won't.

From my past life experience, I know few will take you into consideration once you have nothing to offer them.

I experienced the cruelty of mankind firsthand, in all its flavors when you're crippled.

and I know power is the only currency that matters.

I am well aware of the dangers that lurk in this world.

but I also possess its secrets.

I shall harness every resource and every ally and turn them to my advantage. None shall dare stand in my path.

I know power is the only currency that matters.

When you have the ability to act your will upon the world in the slightest manner, that's what people respect; that's the god they worship.

I have tasted the bitterness of defeat and the sting of powerlessness, and I refuse to let the darkness of death consume me again.

which means I have to put together a game plan—a well-thought-out blueprint that will make me the king of the hill.

But before I can act on my plan, I need to figure out a way to join the world, and before that, a way to adapt to the earth's atmosphere so as not to turn my brain into mush from sensory overload.

I should also watch out for preying eyes.




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