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I am Gilderoy Lockhart, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. But who can tell me why I am in the Marvel world? Oh my God, I was still being watched by Ancient One and Odin, how to avoid this? ······ Reform to the world in the world of Harry Potter. Grindelwald: "For the greater good!" Dumbledore: "Order is above all else!" Lockhart: "Make wizards great again!" Go back in the Marvel universe. Ancient One: "Lockhart, the responsibility of protecting the earth is entrusted to you..." Tony: "Jarvis, let's start the development of the 36th version of the anti-magic armor." ······ I, Gilderoy Lockhart, the wizard who can travel back and forth between the worlds of Harry Potter and Marvel, using the magic of Karma Taj and Asgard, is here.

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Chapter 20: Harry Potter's Recognition!

"My friends, let us welcome Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart!"

Clap! Clap! Clap!

As the announcement rang out, the entire bookstore erupted in applause, especially the witches, who clapped the hardest. The thunderous applause filled the space, as Lockhart made his appearance from the backstage of Flourish and Blotts. Harry Potter, upon seeing Lockhart, felt his eyes light up involuntarily.

Lockhart's light golden robes complemented his handsome features, and his light blue eyes shone brilliantly, captivating the audience. The witches in the crowd screamed like starstruck fans, their cheers mingling with the applause. Lockhart, flashing his brilliant white teeth in a gentle smile, triggered another round of frenzied cheers.

Harry could faintly smell a refreshing aroma, uplifting his spirits. The gentle smile on Lockhart's face made him feel a subconscious fondness for the man. As Lockhart raised his hands, the applause and screams gradually subsided.

With a renewed gentle smile, Lockhart addressed the crowd, "Hello everyone, I am Gilderoy Lockhart, recipient of the third-class Order of Merlin and an honorary member of the Dark Force Defence League. Today, I have another new identity to announce. In ten days, I will join Hogwarts as the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. But tonight, I am here first and foremost as an author, to share my new book with all of you. I believe 'Magical Me' will delight every reader, and I hope you all enjoy it."

Lockhart surveyed the packed Flourish and Blotts, noting the crowd of witches pressing together. With raised eyebrows, he joked, "It seems we have quite a crowd today. This bookstore is nearly bursting at the seams!" With that, he raised his hands, focused on the Sling Ring on his right hand, and with a sweeping motion, drew a circle of red flame in the air.

Red flame threads and several runes emerged within the circle, forming a mysterious pattern. With a gentle clap and a pulling gesture, Lockhart seemed to stretch the space before him. The crowd heard a clicking sound as if space itself was being pulled apart. Soon, the space inside Flourish and Blotts doubled, providing much-needed relief to the crammed attendees.

The crowd, including Hermione, Ron, and Harry, watched in awe. "Okay, I believe everyone feels a bit more comfortable now," Lockhart said. "Let us officially begin the press conference for 'Magical Me'!"

As Lockhart concluded, the wizards in the bookstore began whispering among themselves:

"Ah, Lockhart is so handsome. His smile is so addictive."

"I really like him. His magic is so charming."

"He can cast spells without a wand—truly a skilled adventurer!"

"I'm embarrassed; I hardly know any battle spells, and here Lockhart has mastered wandless casting."

"He's not just famous; he's talented, eloquent, and knows how to engage his audience. No wonder he's so popular."

Lockhart's lips curled into a smile. The magic he had used was a blend of Asgard runes, Kamar Taj spellcasting methods, and the magical practices of the Harry Potter world. It wasn't a deep innovation but rather a clever combination, and seeing the crowd's amazed reactions filled him with secret joy.

"Sorry, sorry, please make way. We are from the Daily Prophet and need to take pictures of Mr. Lockhart," a short reporter called out, pushing through the crowd to get closer.

Click! Click! Click!

The camera shutters clicked as Lockhart's poised image was captured. Amidst this, Lockhart's gaze fell on a thin boy with a lightning scar on his forehead—Harry Potter. He smiled and nodded at Harry, signaling a friendly acknowledgment.

The reporters noticed Harry too and quickly ushered him to Lockhart's side. "Harry Potter is here! Let's get a photo of them together!" one shouted.

As photographers prepared to snap the picture, Lockhart held up his hand to pause. "I must say, Flourish and Blotts has always been lucky for me. And today, our savior has graced my book launch," he announced, then turned to Harry. "In appreciation, I would like to gift him all seven books I've written."

As he spoke, Lockhart handed over the books, which were lightened by a floating spell, making them easy for Harry to carry. Noticing Harry's nervous expression, Lockhart reassured him softly, "Harry, it can be overwhelming to be the center of attention. Don't worry; you'll get used to it." He then discreetly cast a 'cleaning' rune, instantly removing the stains from Harry's clothes.

Pulling Harry close, he signaled the reporters to resume their photography.

Click! Click! Click!

The cameras captured the moment as Lockhart discreetly placed a thunder amulet on top of the books. "Harry, I sensed a trace of dark magic around you—perhaps from your recent encounters. This amulet will protect you from dark forces and alert you to danger," he whispered, then lightly patted Harry on the shoulder, suggesting he could move along.

Harry, feeling a surge of gratitude, thanked Lockhart profusely and walked over to the Weasleys, his arms full with the books and the protective amulet. "Thank you, Professor Lockhart!" he called out, overwhelmed by his good fortune.

As Harry walked away, Lockhart's attention returned to the waiting fans. "Now, I will sign every new book purchased tonight. Please form a line, and let's keep this orderly," he announced, settling down to sign books.

After signing fifteen books, Lockhart heard a commotion outside growing louder. Sensing something amiss, he quickly signed the last book and stood up. "Please excuse me, dear fans. Something requires my attention outside. I'll be back shortly to continue," he assured them, then stepped out, wand in hand, ready to address whatever awaited.


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