Mark of the destinyMark of the destiny

Mark of the destiny

by dream_ash

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*No misunderstandings, no evil stepsister and no rape…. ****** “Trashy ex wants to talk. He has sent a message inviting me to dinner.” She holds her mobile at his face, “Should I go?” He replied in hmm sound without much attention. "Ouch…. That hurts!” he licked his bleeding lips and looked surprised at the sudden attack. “Can’t help. I’m a lip biter.” “Ah!” a second later she was pinned to the couch, “I swear to you I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name forever....... Is this better?” Satisfied, she hooked her arms around his neck, her lips brushed with his, creating the right blend of relaxation and tension. “Much better. Now, do as you said!” ****** After five years... Sitting at the position of Secretary-General at the ministry of women and child affairs, Zhao Suyin was not someone to be messed with. Her razor-sharp tongue laced with sarcasm became her deadliest weapon against the evils. With her honesty, diligence and plucky personality, she’ll not only seep into the hearts of the people but get back everything she lost at the hands of her ex-husband. Maybe her lost career as well! Dr. Wang Shi, a single father, and a renowned surgeon was anything but cold and aloof. His amiable personality combined with his killer looks, enormous wealth, and exceptional family background made him the dream man, yet no woman could dare to approach him. Why? What's so mysterious that he stays away from them? Not like storks dropped his son! Why did he kept his child hidden for two years, not letting anyone know of his existence, not even his closest family? A story of two imperfect people..... one a divorced woman and the other a single father. What will happen when his path will cross with Zhao Suyin? Will the sparks of affection happen? Will they both ignore their imperfections and make a perfect couple? ****** Another drama where a fresh love story with lots of emotions, family bonding, drama, hatred, and some face slapping would happen...... taking several turns and bumps on the way. The book will contain three different stories, including the story of the main couple. Join me on discord https://discord.gg/RudqR3q The cover is edited by me, but the photo belongs to their respective owners. I have no right over this photo. All credits belong to the owner.

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