213 Can you tie my shoelaces?

Sleeping after a fight with your most loved person felt like a fleeting chore. Suyin wrestled the entire night trying to find comfort on either side but sleep was on a strike. Honey's sweet voice, his tear-stained face, him wriggling in Wang Shi's arms and calling out Aunty Suyin while running after her-- was torture to her soul. 

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She even considered the sleeping pills but pushed the thought at the back of her mind, comforting herself in the thoughts and memories of the past. She, Honey, and Wang Shi sleeping together!

Her tired mind by refueled by Wang Shi's loveable and considerate act of updating her on Honey. 

She instantly shuffled through the blankets in search of the most precious gadget of hers. Phone! In Wang Shi had sent Honey's photograph after he had slept. It was in the middle of the night, undoubtedly even her little fairy slept late.

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