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"Miss. Zhao," Andre's mother called. "At what time can we meet you on Monday?"

Suyin peeled her eyes away from Honey. His innocent face has stirred her heart once more, but she was really hurt this time. Not because he spoke rudely, but he dares to ignore his health to vent his anger. 

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"Mrs. Bing, now that you're aware of the situation, I'll rather ask Dr. He Jeff to guide you from here. I've seen his work myself, he's very good." standing on the side, Dr. He Jeff nodded and gave his card. Suyin walked to the little Andrea, and Honey towed along, cautiously holding on to Suyin's dress in his small fist. She was ignoring him! "If you feel like talking to me, take my number from Dr. Jeff and give me a call. I'm always there for you, okay?" she extends her fist, asking for a fist bump to which Andrea happily complies. Honey noticed Suyin's action, feeling abandoned. They never did that! Why?

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