100 Day of reckoning

The two siblings head inside, neither wants to face their sister. She and Salali are inside cooking breakfast waiting for everyone to arrive. Astila looks at the two of them noticing their dark circles and sad faces. He knows Moll places a spell in the RV. One that would let them see what they could not before. He part of him wonders exactly what they saw. While the other part doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to know what his tiny wife lived through. What surprises him is that Sam looks red in the face like he trying to control his emotions. Astila greets them and asks Sam to follow him he wants to show him something.

Once outside they take a walk. Astila takes him on the path just past the house. They are silent while Sam is trying to control what is boiling inside him at the moment. When they reach an area where a bench is sitting in front of a tree. They can see the whole mountainside Sam just stares at the calming beauty.

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