263 Aisling gets trapped 3

Astila is over anxious when Onacona and the other return without Aisling. Moll explains what happened to him and tells him. 

"do not worry, I have merged with Aisling. What she sees and hears so do I. It is the same for her if I hold your hand whatever you think she will hear. I used a magic spell not Nephilim power so Uzil cannot detect it. She saw something in him when she met him. She wants to try to see if she can turn him back to the Father. She thinks he loves your mother but does not know it. I think we should give her a chance to try her plan. I will know immediately if she is in danger. " Moll reassured Astila. Inola takes his small wife in his arms and holds her close. He hates when she is away from him for any length of time. Knowing she could be in danger just made his heart tremble since he was not with her. 

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