15 Disturbance In The Market Part One

Forelonia, one of the busiest cities in all of Selinicia. Before heading to the Ronstine estate, Able and Alissa had dragged me out to go clothes shopping. It was the first time for me to see the streets of Forelonia like this up close. I barely got to see any of it when I first came out with Emily that day. But now, I am able to see for myself what it means to be in a semi medieval culture. Like in Magical Love, the game, this world was a mix of modern and medieval times. Like they had a fully working sewer system and bathrooms. They used magic as electricity to power homes. They even had some displays that used magic to transmit pictures. While other aspects were completely medieval, like transportation, unless you use an airship you mainly went by horse or wagon. It was truly fascinating to me how these cultures mixed together to form a new kind of culture. I couldn't help but think that magic was really amazing. You could use it for so many things and even a power source. If Earth had such an energy source I am sure it would have flourished even more.

Sadly this world that I loved so much while playing the game also had its dark side. But that could be said to be the same for any world, right? Not that I know, I mean, I have only been to two worlds… But it was also this fact that made it really set in that I was on a different planet. But what I did not understand was how did Magical Love become real? I had tried to ask the system but it would not give me an answer. I could only guess that maybe some higher power was at work. But what for?

"Rei try this on!" Alissa came running over to me with a dress. At some point, she had dragged me into a clothing store full of dresses.

"Alissa, I am not a big fan of dresses… I like things that are easier to move in..." This was a truth I grew up in a dojo that my father ran on the weekends. It was the only time I really got to spend time with him. Because our mixed martial art style was not very popular we only had about six disciples. But I learned a lot during that time which allowed me to fight as I do now. Sadly this is the only skill I learned from my family. Mainly because when my mother tried to teach me how to cook, I kind of almost blew up the kitchen. So in other words, I am good at hitting people but not good at making them smile.

"Now, now, I will help you wear it, just try it on even if you do not buy it." Alissa had a weird look in her eyes. I was not sure if I should let her go near me at this moment. The biggest reason for this feeling was the stream of drool dripping down her chin.

"I can do it myself..." I said before taking the clothes and walking into the changing room closing the door right in Alissa's face.

"Seems your little plan failed since you can't contain your true motives." Able made sure to toss in a jab to make the sullen Alissa even more sullen.

"Humph! Just because you got a step up on me doesn't mean you will win in the end!" Alissa said crossing her arms across her chest and glaring at Able.

All the while I was in the changing room listening to their bickering with a faint smile on my face. "Those two really do get along." I muttered to myself. But at the same time, I felt troubled. I will be living with my favorite male lead from Magical Love. Will I really be able to not fall for him? I mean I will be living with him for two years. I guess my only option is to do nothing but train from the day I step foot through the door.

It was not that I did not like Able as it was now but what if I truly fell for him where I would do anything to be by his side. I was starting to think it would easier to just beat everyone up at the Baron's estate and live there. I could always figure out a way to get into the Magic Academy later on. I also had money to hire trainers so these things were not too much of a big deal. The only downside is that I would be plotted aginst and I kinda pissed off the heir to the family. I am sure he wishes to kill me by now.

After I finished changing I stepped out of the changing room to have both Alissa and Able stand there staring at me like I was some kind of sideshow freak. "Does it look that bad?"



Able and Alissa both answered. I couldn't help but blush at their words. I never wore dresses in my past life except for my school uniform but even then I wore spats underneath. I was one of those girls who refused to show off too much skin. Unlike the other sluts in my class who would let boys r*pe them with their eyes. Just thinking about it pisses me off. I mean these girls do so much to get these boys to pay attention to them as if they were ready to let them bend them over a desk and do them right in front of the class. There was one girl named Shima Asami who basically opened her legs to let everyone see what color panties she had on every day. That is if she wore any at all. I am not sure if they understood that love was not all about sex appeal. Unless they were just doing it to be popular. Sigh, I guess modesty was thrown out the window in Japan a long time ago...

Although I say all that, I could also say that these dresses were not too bad. They all went below the knee so it was impossible to see anything underneath. But… "I can't move..." They were really hard to move in. The dress I wore before when I first came here was smaller and rose just above my knees which made it easier to move in. Then the dress I wore out today was bigger so I had more leg room to walk in but this dress… Although hit had plenty of leg room, it was pink with white frills. The bottom was wide and it felt that if I fell over I would be rolling around on my back like a turtle trying to stand back up. There was no way I was going to wear this.

"Alright, no dresses but what do you wish to wear?" Alissa asked, feeling a little dejected by my complete rejection of the dress.


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