14 Fireball!

Reed's face turned black from my words. I could tell I had completely pissed him off. But so what? He deserved every word I said just now. "You! A woman dares to speak to me like this!?"

In his rage, he waved his hands and said a small chant before sending out another fireball which was quickly met with Able's fireball. I could tell Able was starting to get mad. "Reed, I suggest you stop right now. With me here you will not be able to harm anyone here."

I had been watching closely to how Reed and Able were casting magic and I noticed that the both of them were chanting something different for the same spell. That was when a thought came to mind. "Able is magic based on imagery?"

My random question in the middle of a hostile environment caused Able to look at me weird but he still turned his head and nodded at me before saying: "The chant is to help with the image you form in your head. There are people who can also cast without chanting anything. Normally when first starting out it is best to form the image first by chanting before casting it. Then once you have a good image in your head you just use the magic within your body to manifest it and send it towards your target."

Taking in what he said I felt like I understood it somewhat well. I had already been able to feel the magic in my body and could circulate it around my body without issue. But never used it to cast a spell before since at the time I did not know how. Thinking along the lines of what I was just told I stretched out my hand towards Reed and said: "So like this?"

A blue and white fireball formed in front of my hand and shot out towards Reed. The sudden attack surprised Reed causing him to franticly chant to get a barrier up. But to his surprise when the fireball hit his barrier it exploded, shattering his barrier and sending him flying. Part of his clothes was charred and so was some of his skin on his forearms. He was still alive but he looked to be in a bad state.

"Ermmm..." I looked at Able and Alissa who were looking at me in amazement. I did not realize that my small palmed size fireball would be that powerful.

"Rei your magic is at five which is the same as the master magicians of this world." The system chimed in with a perfect explanation. But this brought along a question I wondered about. "What is the max for my stats then?"

"All basic stats: your intellect, charisma, fitness, arts, martial arts, magic power, and business can all reach one hundred. Things like love interest stats and people of interest stats only go to a max of ten. If you max out all of your basic stats you will be considered a god." The system explained.

"I see..." I never expected that my stats could reach so high and I would be able to match the gods. Not that I cared to get that strong. I did not seek power, I just wanted to be strong enough to live peacefully in this world.

"What was that!" Alissa finally shouted out in surprise. Interrupting my conversation with the system.

"Ummm. A fireball..." I did not know how else to explain it. I wanted a hot fireball and it turned out to be a blue and white fireball and a powerful one at that. I tried to make it only the size of my palm because I did not want to cause any damage to the surroundings which I was able to accomplish. It was just that my target ended up being almost burnt alive by it even after making a barrier.

"Rei you really amaze me. Not only did you not speak a chant but you also created a small fireball that was able to do so much damage. Don't worry about Reed I will get someone to send him to the hospital." Able said as he walked over to where Reed had landed.

"That really was amazing. Rei! But now tell me honestly do you like Able?" Alissa asked, her brow was furrowed, showing signs of worry.

I could tell she was worried about me liking him. I could only let out a sigh at this. To be honest I wanted to yell out: "Yes, I do like Able! Who wouldn't!?" But I couldn't do that with the female lead standing right next to me. Sadly my so called love life was probably bound to be null like it was in my last life. Smiling bitterly I said: "Don't worry, I do not like him. He is just helping me in the only way he can. By the time I graduate our engagement will be voided. So do not worry, I will support you with everything I have!"

Once again I got this strange look from Alissa. I am not sure why she was looking at me like I was some kind of an idiot but it was better than her yelling at me for trying to take the man she loved. even if she had not realized it herself yet.

After Reed was taken away, Able came back over and announced our time to leave: "Rei we should leave now before any more trouble gets stirred up. I can send someone here later to get your things."

"No need..." I felt somewhat embarrassed. I was a lady of the house but the only things I actually owned were the clothes on my back… My old clothes I was wearing had to be tossed out because they were covered in blood, and my other items were all tossed out by kyle who was renovating my bedroom. I saw Able's confused look so I elaborated. "The only things I own are what I am wearing. Oh, but I would like to bring Emily with me if that is okay?"

Able frowned when he heard my words. "Yes, bringing Emily is fine. As for you not owning anything… Alissa if we stop at a ready-made clothes store can you help Rei pick out some outfits?"

"Leave it to me!" Alissa's eyes grew wide with excitement. But there was this strange sensation that I might be jumping into a wolf's den if I went into a clothing store with her. Maybe I am just thinking too much?


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