Mafia Boss wife Book

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Mafia Boss wife


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Lara Carter, eighteen years old, was forced to sign a marriage contract at the age of sixteen to Scott Miller, a.k.a Blade, the person she feared, by her grandfather. After signing the contract, she runs away from home. Blade, a heartless Mafia Boss, killed and tortured anyone who crossed his path without mercy. His face was always cold and void of emotion, but everything changed when a high school student saved him on the verge of death.  He felt something he had never felt before, he felt his heart skip a beat, and her face won't leave his mind. Her eyes, lips, smile, and voice sound like a singing angel, pulling him out from the darkness. And he wants all those feeling, and he can only have them if he has her. He wants Lara Carter, and he'll do everything to have her, but how could he do that when just a mention of his name scared her? His men feared blade, but no one knew what he looked like except those close to him. He always had a mask on every time he faced his men.  Everyone thought that Blade was an ugly, scary man hiding behind his mask.  Let's all follow Blade and Lara's Journey in discovering each other secrets, fighting for their life, and love from the claws of Blade's enemies, as well as from Lara's hidden identity.


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