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What is Macha's Journey

Macha's Journey is a popular web novel written by the author BabyTanuki, covering FEMALE PROTAGONIST, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, ACTION, SMUT, FANTASY, HIDDEN GEM, MYTHICAL BEASTS, SWORDANDMAGIC, HANDSOME MALE LEAD, NOBLES, STRONG LOVE INTEREST, WEAK TO STRONG, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 2.1M readers with an average rating of 4.62/5 and 64 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 236 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


On a rainy night, Macha is transported to another world. This is a dangerous world filled with mythological creatures that terrorize the Outer-Reaches. Tyr, the leader of the Obsidian Dragons guild, finds Macha and hires her as his secretary. He teaches her many things, while she, in turn, changes his life. Macha learns to fight and use magic while working for Tyr and tries to carve out a new life for herself. On her journey, she fights to protect and assist the friends and lovers she makes along the way. Author Note: Lovers is not a typo, but this is not a harem! It will take a long time for the lovers. I plan on this being a long story that explores the different types of love that exist. Parental Guidance suggested due to occasional use of language, darker themes brought up, violence, war, and sex. I do not go out of my way to make things not for kids, but I do not want to be worried about a child reading this either. ---------------- Daily chapter release. The later chapters have moved, but are still free. ---------------- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BabyTanuki Join me in discord: https://discord.gg/xjDrqkm I have some of the songs that inspired chapters, a Q&A area, announcements, and a place where you can report a mistake if I make one. I also made an Instagram where I will put any pictures of the food mentioned that I make or maps. Things like that. The account is machasjourney, hope to see you there!

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Author here: This is my first time writing a novel and I hope you like it. Although it is a romance, I will also have action scenes. I will be checking the comments from the day before so feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks! Also, please like the comment to make sure it stays at the top.


This is the type of book where it has the right amount of suprises. Not to little and not too much so it won't feel like you on your seat constantly or making you feel bored, it's just right type of story progression. The female lead is very easy going, intelligent, and a fast learner. A character build-up where she doesn't know how to fight but get better, not only in fighting but also in romantic relationship ( tyr♡macha) And it also has different view points of others which males it interesting. SO READ THE BOOK IT'S GOOD!😍😻


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I like the story and how it goes, hoping for king fryer to have a place in macha’s heart..but i also like tyr’s character...,job well done author hope for more updates....goodluck!!!


This is a fantasy, romance, and action rolled into one novel. Pretty interesting. I love the mythical creatures. However, if you have a faint heart, this story is not for you.


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OK so I know I just read up to chapter 27, and what can I say but this novel is nice. Unlike most of the originals here including mine, the writing quality is impeccable. The stability of the updates is good, as evidence by how many chapters this novel has. The story development is in a pace that's good, just not my kinda pace. I like very fast pace works, but because if one writer does that he couldn't write good developments, that's why this pacing is the best kind, but not really my ideal. The character design is good, I can actually imagine and feel what the characters look like, as if I was there myself. The world background at the point I'm reading is not really there yet, but I'm sure that reading on, the world would open up and bring me into a world of wonder and fantasy. Overall this book shouldn't be stuck in it's current rank it's a book worthy of being the top 30 or dare I say in the top 15 way higher than my work. :)


'Macha's Journey' is an amazing and wonderful read that will have you anticipating every update. A change from Transmigration tales, Macha is sent to another world, body and soul, where she meets Tyr, the leader of a mercenary guild and cousin to the king. In this world where the people have pointed ears are tall and slender and live for hundred of years, Macha stands out with her short stature and round eyes. Though she very quickly gets her pointed ears and even more quickly learns the language of her new land. The story is well woven, with naturally flowing time skips and a very colorful world and memorable character's. A story of love and the many forms it comes in, this is a must read for those looking for a change of pace.


Good Novel, the grammar is beyond anything I could write just wish there was more *** scenes! Sex pls also give Macha a harem More more more More more more More more more More more more More more more More more more More more more More more more


READ IT! Daily updates, interesting side characters, and the MC gets stronger. Its a mix of fantasy & romance. Pretty sure the author isn't lying when they said its going to be a long story. Chapter 100 & still on the first guy. Its good & you see the romance develop.


If you love adventure and romance then this is the story for you! The first few chapters didn't captivate me and i was about to drop it, BUT i'm so glad i didn't stop cause after those initial chapters, it got so much better as we see the story unfolds! Honestly i'm mainly in this for the FL and ML, so when the synopsis says "love interestS" that really makes nervous cause i dont want them to separate one bit. However I trust the authors plans for their romance and can't wait to see how the characters grow physically and emotionally


Wow I love this Book. This is a nice work. .


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Quick Pros and Cons PROS: Cute story idea. Nice start to a romance. CONS: Poorly developed MC. World building needs development. Story and character needs work. ex. The MC reactions to a different world are unrealistic. Accepts situations too easily and author never explains why. CONCLUSION: Good romantic story idea, execution needs a lot of work! Reads like a first draft.


I have to say I have really enjoyed reading this so far. The writing quality is amazing and continues to improve with every chapter. I will say it started off kind of stiff feeling but the effort put in really shows. From what I can see the author has a set update schedule that he sticks to giving his readers a chapter everyday which is a nice change from others who either update once a week or randomly. While I am still in the early chapters the story is developing beautifully showing the readers an amazing fantasy world that we get to explore along the Macha (the story's MC.) As far as the characters go they are all well developed and a great change from the usual 2d cookie cutter characters found in most novels on this site. The MC Macha is a perky up beat young woman, yes 32 years old is still young. After finding herself lost in a new world instead of falling to dispair she works hard to learn the language and doesn't seem to let anything get her down for to long. Tyr the novels male lead starts off as probably one of the most unlikable guys you could find. He's cold, arragant and doesn't seem to mind the fact that his bad decisions lead to the death of his guild members. As the story continues you see him slowly open up mellow out under the constant barrage of Macha's positivity and kindness. The author seems to be focused on showing us the world around them instead of telling us. What does that mean? Simply put no annoying info dump chapters that shove the information down our throats, instead we get to slowly explore the world along with the MC. I got to say the discription of the city as Macha first reaches it is amazing and paints a vivid and gorgeous picture in your mind leaving you dying to explore it yourself. An over all amazing novel I can't wait to continue reading. BabyTanuki did something with this novel that I felt I must mention due to it adding a depth to the novel that others just do not have. Whats that you ask, well as you read you will come across different paranormal creatures from multiple different myths and cultures. Instead of just assuming the readers know exactly what he is talking about he adds little notes at the end of every chapter involving these creatures giving a bit of actual background on said creatures. While most might not even bother with reading these I find them highly enjoyable and appriciate the extra effort he puts in to make sure the readers know what he is writing about. To sum it up it is a great read and definitely worth your time. Many thanks to the author for all his hard work in bringing this story to life for us!


I'm so glad I decided to give this story a read. It's well-written, the world building is thought out and complex. The further in the story, the better the background and characters are. If it was a paperback, I'd be sure to buy it (which is über rare in my case). MC is sometimes erm, too trusting? Naive? But it also might be is that I'm just too jaded and not used to see better in people. Anyway, it doesn't happen often and she does learn from her mistakes. The ML (#1?) is ufufu, a really yummy specimen, his insecurities and coddling notwithstanding. I just pray he stays as ML until the end.


From darkness towards light, from confusion towards wisdom, this journey will bring you in a new and fantastic world. The clearer the soul, the farthest one can see through Macha's eyes. Magic wraps all things around, and mithycal creatures live alongside people. Great wonders thrill the eyes, and emotions sway the heart. There is no journey without friends and no life without love. I dropped into the novel's world and I was swept away in a flurry of emotions and lifelike images. I see how the characters grow and influence and support eachother, and one of them has a soul so big that she may envelop us all. Read and enjoy another world, and grow alongside them! See you at the end, if you decide there is one!


I’m doing this so save 5 of my brothers from the evil author. But on a serious note. It’s a fantastic book to listen too. I have cry laugh and bin furious at time. I hope too see more of the magical, wonderful and dark world. Keep up the good work. Warm wishes Bewa


Oh god where to begin this story was so good, It looked a professional wrote this one, I love how mundanely the authors drops the fantasy elements in the story and your pacing is super good your Grammar is impeccable, I think Macha's journey is fish out of water story every needs to read( I sure will keep an eye on it).


Very well written story with great progression. The character develops in a logical way and is easy to associate with. The romance in this makes me ABSOLUTELY nauseous which probably means its really good for those people interested in that kind of thing. The fantasy aspect of it is also great. I wont continue reading this because, like I said, I am not a fan of romance heavy novels however my 5 star rating is to show that even though this is not my cup of tea, it is great nonetheless.


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