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Love Chain: My cute demon bride


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Warning: Some chapters are NSFW. Revision in works for the next chapters. ***STATUS: TEMPORARILY PAUSED*** After waking up from a coma she has been in for 10 years, Mo YuYan realised that she lost all her memories. Her brothers were there for her but they treated her as if she was a baby. She was forced to live alone made her think that her family was hiding something from her and decided to uncover the mystery. They were hiding something from her for 12 years but it was time for her to face it. Unfortunately, before she found out anything, her family informed her that they decided to find a future husband for her. Being lost and troubled, a 18 years old YuYan ran away from a forced engagement meeting and to hide from them she sneaked into someone else room to hide. Who would have thought that she would meet the owner of the room by accident? 'Do you know the consequences for entering a man's room?' He grabbed her waist while holding the back of her neck before slowly whispering into her ears with his hot breath and sexy voice. 'You only have two options to choose from... either marry me... Or I will kill you.' -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- IMPORTANT ------------------------- *Disclaimer: The story's genre is a mix fantasy , science fiction, mystery and romance. The content refers to force marriage, it may have sex and violence. Therefore, some chapters contains NSFW. For all those that don't like forced loved/ men forcing things on women, unacceptable personalities of the characters in the story, this novel may not be your taste. Please don't forget, this is a fantasy story. I suggest not to read than rate or review unfairly. I don't own the book cover. CTTO of the bookcover. ----------------------------------- Hi everyone, It'ss my first time to share my book. This is one of my books, but I am still a new author, working with the story I created and I would love to improve and learn more. I will highly appreciate if you help me correct any mistakes you find. Sorry in advance for wrong grammars or spellings... I'm a Filipino, so English is not my first language... Pasensya na po.. I will work hard for everyone.. I'm open for any suggestions and feedbacks but please prevent disrespectful and unprofessional words. You can PM me for comments, corrections or suggestions through discord. zsaivryL#5904 I'm also working on my other books: PREVIOUSLY RELEASED: Love Chain: My cute demon bride Status: TEMPORARILY paused Status: Following plots are being revised Blood Tears: My Husband's Madness Previously "Blood Tears: My Husband's Wickedness Status: TEMPORARILY paused Reason: Revisions in works. Blood Tears: The Wolf's Wickedness Status: New Blood Tears: A Twist Of Fate Status: Coming soon Blood Tears: Angel's Cry Status: Coming soon One World, Two Books: The power of an Author Status: Newly released Broken Laws: Away with a Soldier Status: Pending -------------------------------------------------- Note:. - (spoiler alert) some characters might appear in the future chapters (make sure to remember their contribution) - (spoiler) main sypnosis starts after...chapters LOL Looking forward for more readers! UPDATES: > For the previous slow and no updates, I'm sorry. I've been in the hospital for quite some time and was on recovery To my dear readers: (author will finish the book, but not for now due to personal reason) NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE: I'm sorry guys for not updating for few years now. Because of my stupidity, I lost all my draft and plots. I also just recovered my email and log-in. I will try to fix the plot, but it may take time since I'm also a bit busy. Thank you for your understanding.

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