Love Chain: My cute demon bride
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Love Chain: My cute demon bride


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What is Love Chain: My cute demon bride

Read Love Chain: My cute demon bride novel written by the author zsaivryL on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, comedy, femaleprotagonist. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning: Some chapters are NSFW. After waking up from a coma she has been in for 10 years, Mo YuYan realised that she lost all her memories. Her brothers were there for her but they treated her as if she was a baby. She was forced to live alone made her think that her family was hiding something from her and decided to uncover the mystery. They were hiding something from her for 12 years but it was time for her to face it. Unfortunately, before she found out anything, her family informed her that they decided to find a future husband for her. Being lost and troubled, a 18 years old YuYan ran away from a forced engagement meeting and to hide from them she sneaked into someone else room to hide. Who would have thought that she would meet the owner of the room by accident? 'Do you know the consequences for entering a man's room?' He grabbed her waist while holding the back of her neck before slowly whispering into her ears with his hot breath and sexy voice. 'You only have two options to choose from... either marry me... Or I will kill you.' -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: For all those that don't like forced loved/ men forcing things on women this novel may not be your taste I suggest not to read than rate or review unfairly. Some chapters after 101 contains NSFW. ------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: ** I don't own the book cover characters and background. CTTO of the book cover characters and background -------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, it's my first time to share my book. I am still a new author, working alone with the story I created and I would love to improve and learn more. I will highly appreciate if you help me correct any mistakes you find. Sorry in advance for wrong grammars or spellings... I'm a Filipino, so English is not my first language... Pasensya na po.. I will work hard for everyone.. I'm open for any suggestions and feedback but please prevent disrespectful and unprofessional words. You can PM me for comments, corrections or suggestions through discord. zsaivryL#5904 I'm also creating another book Blood Tears: My Husband's Wickedness. I hope you'll support it too. -------------------------------------------------- UPDATES: > For the previous slow and no updates, I'm sorry. I've been in the hospital for quite some time and was on recovery, but I'll try to catch up with the chapters. I will release 2 or 4 chapters per day (usually 4), if I failed to do so, I promise to release 4 chapter the next day. There are also times that I release more than 5 chapters a day, depending on the available chapters that I completed. Each chapters will not be lower than 600 words, there may be more depending on the chapters plot but its guaranteed 600 words or more. Daily updates will be around 8AM PST and 7PM PST due to my new work schedule but there are days that I might release it earlier than scheduled. (EX. 2AM pst instead of 7Am PST) Lastly, depending on the votes and reviews for each chapter, I might give a bonus chapters. Number of chapters per day might increase depending on views.. :) Note:. - (spoiler alert) some characters might appear in the future chapters (make sure to remember their contribution) - (spoiler) main sypnosis starts after...chapters LOL This book is a series.. Story will continue on the following books: Love Chain: My cute demon bride Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness Broken Laws: Away with a Soldier Looking forward for more readers! Update: (author will finish the book, but not for now due to personal reason) I'm sorry guys for not updating for few years now, I'll try to continue within this year. Thanks

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Thank you everyone for your interest to read my book. I will do my best and work hard to give you an interesting story. For the other's who are wondering if the chapters are the same book with the synopsis, the answer is yes and you'll find out if you continue to read. Please don't forget to rate and review! Thank you!


This novel is very very interesting! It's a good start for the author. Each chapters shows mysteries and I noticed that the answer is revealed bit by bit on the following chapters. The synopsis match the chapters and I can't wait for that main synopsis! I found out that you'll only understand the story if you will surely read every chapter. Can't wait for more chapters to come!


The synopsis looks so interesting that gives you the impression that there will be a lot of fun and naughty part. Looking for more chapters author!


For those who love vampire, mystery, romance and some action, I really recommend this to you! Honestly I felt I'm reading a manga while reading! And the cliffhanger are killing me but I like it lol!! Thank you author for making this good art of yours😗😗😗😗


I'm starting to love this novel! This plot is really good, I will save my power stone for this. Just hope that more long chapter sweety😗. Keep up the good work.


The story is unique! Each character are very mysterious! The chapters are very interesting. The plot seems very wide that I can't help to wait for the next chapters. This is something that I can say MUST READ!


Don't read this if you can't stand a pathetic, weak MC. The story makes it pretty clear that she'll probably become strong later based on the first few chapters and the story eventually reveals a solid justification for her weak state, but that doesn't make it any more fun to read. The MC doesn't really drive the story at all (people do things to her, never her doing things to people), and her weak mentality makes me want to just slap her over and over again. The payoff might be there eventually, but I'm guessing not until chapter 350 at best and could be much later. There is no way I can make it that far. Not a bad story if you can tolerate the MC. Also too many brothers!


I can’t wait for the next one, this story is so addicting. I couldn’t stop reading it till the end. Please release more chapters:) thank you for your hard work.


The synopsis sounds interesting and fun. First chapters already gave me the feeling that this is worth waiting for. Author is right, there are a lot of mysteries given that makes me feel more excited to know what will happen next. There was no chapters earlier when I saw it, but now 5 chapters released right away! Thank you so much! I look forward for more chapters. Good luck author!


Reveal spoiler


Can't give full stars since author is new. BUT the story is is good, I agree with the others about the mysteries given in each chapter, you will really have to give a full read of each chapters to understand it. The direction of the story sounds very interesting, current chapters seems like just an introduction, I can't wait for the part where the main lead will appear.. LOL


I cannot understand why the ranking of this novel is not that high yet.. It is obviously way better than the others (haha peace to all I will offend) but this is my personal opinion.. No offence meant.


I must say that the first few chapters confused me but later on as I read along, I got hooked. I love the Yu Yan and Li Fu Jin tandem. I just hope that they don't suffer too much though. Like Fu Jin has suffered enough for Yu Yan. I can't bear the thought of them falling apart. Dear author, have mercy on my troubled ❤️. I can't stand the agony... 😢😭 Thank you dear author. I actually discovered this story by accident. The title caught my eye. 😉 keep up the good work!


A good story with a nice plot not like other novels the romance is good not too perverted the character development is great. Just hoping the author will be able to finish it.


Hey your story is amazing I have noticed during the times you right about the ***** exercise you right tights and I think your trying to spell thighs since you talk about in between and here he kisses her


Am loving how the author builds the story. The mystery, romance and girl power. Give a chance to first few chapters and just keep reading. You’ll find out you’ll be hooked like me. Am just always looking forward for the next chapter unto next. Intimate scenes is not just lewd but i like how author puts flashes of her past memories. Keep it going author san.


I really loved the chapter so far thank you for your effort , the characters are somewhat intriguing, I just hope lfj stops being so possessive of yu yan and start telling her how he feels, lfj really loves yu yan and I hope she regains her memory soon


The story is good, every chapter is sooooo interesting that i want more chapter..more 😀, the flow of the story is addicting hehe.... Sorry im not good in english, i cant express my self well. To put it short, the novel is not boring though there are some grammar issues but i dont mind it coz im not good also in grammar


I am really enjoying this. It's getting more interesting in every chapter. Can wait to see the next verse. Right now I am wondering how much chapter will it have.




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