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Lord Of The Aldari


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To anyone deciding to pick up this book....HEHEHE PLS DON'T. It's under heavy mass editing and reviewing and at the moment is absolutely trash so just leave it in the dumpster hehe REINHARDT SERIES BOOK #1 The Narrak's insatiable flames scorched its hardened scales into his muscled flesh. Its unfathomable power surged through his veins, and reconstructed his anatomy. Its thick, leathery wings split through the skin on his spine, and emerged mid-way before retreating its growth. "You are not concentrating," Zelaphiel stated, and folded his arms across his chest. "It is important that you learn to control the amphiptere before you attempt to collaborate its magic with Lahn's power." Sebastian understood his goal, and acknowledged how clearly his father had constantly defined it, but how was he to concentrate when his thoughts were in disarray? "You are concerned about the healer," Zelaphiel arched a brow. Concerned? Was it that obvious? Of course, he had been concerned for her. Heaven's Seraphin in an immoral den of savage men who would ravish her, and corrupt her divine spirit. Why did it bother him? Was it due to the fact that she had been one of his people that he swore to protect or an incomprehensible reason that he had been unconsciously avoiding? ***** Punished with one hundred years of exile, Sebastian Alexander Reinhardt returns upon the mysterious death of his predecessor to rightfully claim his title. Many are those who lurk in the shadows of his castle who wish to deny him his birthright, and they have stopped at no extent to ensure his demise. However the tale does not simply begin and end with mere conspiracies, an ancient enemy awakens again, more determined than ever destroy the lands of Alvgard to achieve their goals. With war, and chaos on knocking at the door, Sebastian must balance his newfound love, and the darkness that lay dormant within to defeat his enemies. NOTE: Cover art does not belong to me. all credit goes to the original artist, please inform me if you are aware of their name so I can credit them properly!