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Lord Of The Aldari


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What is Lord Of The Aldari

Lord Of The Aldari is a popular web novel written by the author MiaSilver, covering ADVENTURE, FANTASY, ACTION, WAR, FANTASYROMANCE, , Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 250.3K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 168 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


REINHARDT SERIES BOOK #1 The Narrak's insatiable flames scorched its hardened scales into his muscled flesh. Its unfathomable power surged through his veins, and reconstructed his anatomy. Its thick, leathery wings split through the skin on his spine, and emerged mid-way before retreating its growth. "You are not concentrating," Zelaphiel stated, and folded his arms across his chest. "It is important that you learn to control the amphiptere before you attempt to collaborate its magic with Lahn's power." Sebastian understood his goal, and acknowledged how clearly his father had constantly defined it, but how was he to concentrate when his thoughts were in disarray? "You are concerned about the healer," Zelaphiel arched a brow. Concerned? Was it that obvious? Of course, he had been concerned for her. Heaven's Seraphin in an immoral den of savage men who would ravish her, and corrupt her divine spirit. Why did it bother him? Was it due to the fact that she had been one of his people that he swore to protect or an incomprehensible reason that he had been unconsciously avoiding? ***** Punished with one hundred years of exile, Sebastian Alexander Reinhardt returns upon the mysterious death of his predecessor to rightfully claim his title. Many are those who lurk in the shadows of his castle who wish to deny him his birthright, and they have stopped at no extent to ensure his demise. However the tale does not simply begin and end with mere conspiracies, an ancient enemy awakens again, more determined than ever destroy the lands of Alvgard to achieve their goals. With war, and chaos on knocking at the door, Sebastian must balance his newfound love, and the darkness that lay dormant within to defeat his enemies.


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Writing Quality: When I read it, in my mind I went 'Wow"! This is almost professional. The writing is top-notch, very well and immaculately descriptive. The scenes are easy to visualise and digest, although I personally would prefer some longer paragraphs to be broken down. There are a few minor spelling mistakes, but it doesn't shake my verdict of giving it 5 stars. Stability of Updates: It was a little inconsistent at the start, it stabilised recently. Story Development: The introduction of the story lands us, the readers straight into suspense drawing the readers deeper into the story which was then luring us further into more suspense and conflict. It's an neverending abyss, once in nowhere out. The story just keeps growing with the different realms, the lore of the realms, bloodline, honour, war and conflict. Character Design: I like how the characters interact with each other, their conversations have weight behind their history, burdens and culture. The large amount of characters can be quite chaotic and difficult to control but the author made them relevant and interesting. Excellent! The characters somewhat reminded me of some WarCraft. World Background: Similar to what I've commented on the character design. The world background is heavily saturated with so much potential on their lores. The different kingdoms with their different culture. Politics with alliances and honour. The realms the characters venture around; the modern society we know of and a magical fantasy one gives so much things to talk about that it could be endlessly fleshed out.


Basically just grinded this story cuz ppl been recommending. Writing Quality- It shocks me that someone my age can be so good at writing and the grammar isn't garbage, it literally flows along as u read. Stability of Updates- From what I have seen she never misses I guess. Story Development- It's not fast-paced or so slow-paced like some books on this site where it takes 300 chapters to explain one year. It's at a level where I can still enjoy it without getting bored. Character Design- No I going to use words that I don't use often to describe them so bear with it now. In my opinion the character interactions are beautiful and articulated astonishingly, it actually amazes me yet again you're my age. What I am saying is that some adults on this site have hot garbage grammar that it fries my brain. World Background- I enjoyed reading about the world you created in ur head. Overall- 8.5/10 (I continued reading since it's good even tho I don't fu.ck with this genre.) I hope ur writing career flourishes along nicely my fellow South African.


Beautifully written, attractive, and amazing. This is one of the best work so far in Webnovel, and I am especially falling in love with the style of how it was paragraphed and written. Naming wise made sense too, which shows the author's meticulous attention in choosing names for his characters and story background. I was in fact trying to finish what I could read before leaving a review, but couldn't help as I get too excited with the story and rush over to the review to leave him a full points review. Keep up the good work, and I'll continue to support this work for a long time. Collected and bookmarked to chase for its update!


First of all, this novel is simply amazing. From the writing style to its interesting plot--I like it. It deserves to be locked at earlier chapters. Why not? I has very good quality. If I were richer, I'd unlock all the chapters!


Hey yal despite what the author MiaSilver says in her first review about locking the chaps too early, that shouldn't be a problem right? I mean it's totally cool, you're paying to read from chapter 60-800 for a novel that stretches to that many chapters so from 21 to maybe like idk if she plans for 200 or something, should be reasonable? Anyways just my opinion, this novel is really awesome and you guys should really check it out.


I really like the progress of the book~! The vocabulary is quite wide and fascinating, even for me who used English as a second language. You can see that the Author did a lot of research on this! Keep up the good work ^^


One thing- If I could reach this level of writing skills😐 I would've trespassed JKS with my plots😆 But, You indeed gave me an extra reason to read your story- I got many unique vibes from your Novel. I feel, it wouldn't be a surprise if you one day get yourself into the Top50 WN writers😊 Looking forward for the day when it comes.😇


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Wow. Just Wow. I can't even imagine reading something so well written like this in Webnovels. This is as good as one of those hardcopy novels that you can buy in bookstores. Please, everyone, give this book a chance and experience the magic firsthand. You will not regret reading this book as the author weave a tale that would bring you to the edge of your seats and glue your eyes at the page right in front of your eyes.


the author is very talented. I can read that she put a lot of effort into every chapter. the writing is very good and the plot intriguing. I like how "warrior-like" everyone is. it feels oddly professional


Oh mu goodness its such a good story! The contents of the novel is just feeding my brain and i cant stop eating! ThIs is such a gret story and you should definitely check it out!


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nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice


Another beautiful story in Webnovel! As a fan of fantasy stories, I enjoyed my time reading this. I do not regret spending time reading and going further to the chapters of this story. Each chapter will make you go want for more... Author-nim! I am hooked already. If you want some great story-telling and suspense packed novel. Then, this is the right one for you. Must-read! 10/10


Nice story, I love the storyline and plot. I felt sorry for lord Ladhan....I'm sorry if I couldn't pronounce the name very soon ell but I felt sorry for him, he couldn't do anything, he just watched those magical creatures lurch on his warriors. I really love the story, fantasy I like it. Nice story, keep it up. I'm already in love with the girl Avery


Lord of the Aldari is an amazing enigma. At each and every turn of the plot there is an amazing twist just waiting to pounce out and knock the reader to the floor. This novel has us gasping and grasping at each chapter thirsty for more.


This novel is so well written. The details that the author gives really paints a picture of what to imagine. The characters Avery and Sebastian are interesting characters. Not just the character, but the world itself is interesting too. From the clans, link between them, and not to mentioned beasts and creatures. You learn more and more about the mystery of the past and it’s relation to the present. I recommend this book to those who likes high fantasy, creatures, and mystery!


well done on the writing and all sadly, i n3ed to give the lowest rating possible for the update stability, simply not enough if you want to get contracted, this nekoman does not like it! but if you are writing for fun, i sugest not taking this seriously


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