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Loneliness System


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Nightmare. The world where monsters dwell in every corner, a place completely inhospitable to humans. The sun only comes up for 6 hours a day, while the rest of the time the sky is cloaked in dim rouge rays of light emanating from the moon. Join Alban as he starts off as a human and evolves into a terror that strikes dread into the very world itself. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, I'm new at writing and thought I'd take a shot at it. Native English speaker, so if you spot any typos, feel free to admonish me. I’ll try to fix them before burying myself in tons of chapters. -- Warning, right now update rates will be VERY inconsistent! I took some time off to plan what I actually want to do in this book, so right now I’m trying my best to write enough chapters to have a stable release rate. I’m a student, so that’s the kind of situation I’m in...thanks for your understanding! — Like it? Add it to your collection and follow my progress! I try to post 5 chapters everyday, but I may not always be able to. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my story as it develops. P.S: Leave a review please, it helps!


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