1 Awakening (01)


An adolescent slowly stirs in his slumber. Mumbling curses under his breath, he slowly lifts himself into a sitting position.


After hearing that sound, the youth's body starts quivering, desperately wanting to jump up and get the hell away from wherever that sound was coming from. But he held still, not even moving his lungs, waiting for the sounds to stop.

12 seconds. It doesn't sound like such a long time when we're going about our normal lives. But 12 seconds is a lot of time when the body starts being fueled by pure instinct. The boy thought about this and wanted to laugh despite his terrible situation. He was at least sure he would've laughed if he saw it.

After that grueling time, the loud noises finally stopped. Allowing his lungs a reprieve, he took shallow, slow breaths.

'What am I doing here...what even was that. Worrying won't do anything good...let me think for a bit to see if I can remember anything useful.'

The young man gazed up at the moon. It was an odd little disc, completely different from the one from his memories. Pitch black, with shining yellow rays of light around it; it reminded him more of an eclipse.

'And the other moon I know looked like...looked like what? What am I remembering? I can't think of anything. What's even my name?'

"Recollection detected. Rendered null and void."

Upon hearing that strange tinny sound (what even is tin?), he could no longer be cautious. Adrenaline pumped to the maximum throughout his body, delivered rapidly through his healthy veins. He stood straight up, preparing to run much further...until he realized something.

"Null and void? What do you mean null and void?? Who said you can refuse me my memories?"

"Unauthorized query. Loading intended response. Alban, would you like to live?"

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