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What is Lightwielder

Read Lightwielder novel written by the author Sjsnwhnxshsh1 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, cultivation, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Roran, an 11 year old boy, is forced by the raising rent to leave his home. He embarks on a journey to find a new home, but funnily enough, he gets summoned into a world completely different from what he recognizes, straight into a blazing war. Track his attempts to survive and his growth~~~ I will push out extra chapters for power stones: 10 stones = 1 chapter 30 stones = 2 chapters Note: The cover is not mine. If the original artist demands it to be taken down, I will.


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Shameless review from author! Just so you guys know, I'm attempting to do maybe a chapter every other day. However, because I'm a student, the schedule might not be regular... If you like it, add it to your library and share!


This novels is really good and it starts, with the relationship between a friend who is a adult and the protagonist, Ronan, who is 11 years old and his friend is really nice. Next, the development is going in the right direction, but perhaps you can add a synopsis, to let the readers know what the novel is about! But so far, the novel is going to the right direction! And keep up the good work Author-sama! :)


Overall a very solid book, though I do have a few pointers just as recommendations for the author. First, try to write a more detailed synopsis. The current one is somewhat broad and doesn't feel interesting. Second, create a more unique cover, preferably with the book title and main character on it. Honestly, that's about it, the actual story itself is fine, and I like the concept. Keep it up, author.


A very nice story. The synopsis should give more. I really love the idea of getting gradually stronger/better the character and not like born an OP with a cheat code on life etc.


Hohoho! Nice one.


Interesting so far. Took me a while to read, but it was worth it. Your writing is consistent, to the point of flawless (not that I’ve seen one so far) as it seemed that you even proofread before posting the chapters. It was a comfortable read, to be honest. Only one small advice though. Maybe dividing your big paragraphs into smaller ones, so that its easier for mobile readers to enjoy your story? I have no problems reading the story as it is since I’m using a tablet, but that may not be the same for smartphones. Aside from that, I like how the plot is progressing so far. I really don’t know why, but I thought the MC was kinda cute as a child (though he appeared quite edgy at times. Maybe I’m wrong, but that just makes the story a bit more realistic.). Please keep up the good work. All the best to you, and your future writing journey :).


The plot is cool. I can't wait to see where his Destiny leads him to. Looking forward to more of this. Keep going 🏅🏅🏅And the unique thing about the sword


The book has a lot of potential and is fast-paced. I feel bad for Roran since he is only 11 and has to survive in such a terrifying world. I do feel that you mention Roran's name too many times so why don't you try replacing his name with a 'He'. For example instead of saying 'Roran was tired. Roran decided to go to sleep' say 'He waas tired. He decidedc to go to sleep'. You get the gist. All the best!


This story has a very intersting plot and characters. There are details, and the developement is intriguing. Overall it is a very enjoyable read. Nice Job!!!!!!!!


A good read. The story itself has potential to be something trully amazing, the plot seems promising through out the chapters and the character's are life like which is good at the reader's interpretation. Overall i liked the story.


Great wri there was some mistake here and there great deatail it kept me slightly hooked Great wri there was some mistake here and there great deatail it kept me slightly hooked


The writing quality is very good, Story and plot also are good and the details are also good Well the world background is lacking too much, the story is rushing too much But its just opinion maybe the author have a good plan in the future


This story has an interesting plot, an alluring title and a fascinating lead. It is well written and has undeniably good descriptions. Full of action and intrigue that should not be missed. From, Review Swap.


Fantasy is my favourite genre, coming into this I had high hopes....And they were exceeded. This story has beautiful imagery and amazing worldbuilding. I can't wait to see what this blossoms into with future chapters!


The story is pretty well written. It's quite fast paced (maybe too fast, I guess personal preference). At 14 chapters wrote it's too soon to make a judgement about the overall quality of the worldbuilding, but it seems promising. One complaint I personally have is that the author should maybe spend a little longer on some of the scenarios. Overall a pretty good start to the novel.


I cannot say much about the stability of updates for I am a new reader I just hope the stability will stay. The character design seems a bit two dimensional but its better than nothing. The world background is good I just wish I knew more about it. The development of the story seems a bit rushed and I'd love if there was more description. Other than those concerns this story is one of the good ones.


im really captivated on how the author constructed the mood of the story. even though there's a part that becomes fast paced than usual the critical details didn't left behind so it gives a proper dosage of tension in the story that you can never become board in reading. keep it up author!!


Overall, a good story. Really like the world created by the author, the writing is just about right and the the plot as well. Haven't read a lot but so far so good.


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