Life in Shinobi World (Naruto Fan-Fic) Book

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Life in Shinobi World (Naruto Fan-Fic)


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Reincarnated In Naruto World as Neji's Younger brother with ope ope no mi and Ashura's Chakra. ------------------------------- If you have an issue with my writing skills then I can only say sorry because I don't have enough time to do a recheck but if I find any mistake or someone notifies me about it then I will correct it. But if your eyes hurt and you find it not of your liking or whatever then please do me a favour and stop reading this, no one is forcing you to read this book. Please do note this book is not only for you but also for me to pass my free time. I just want to create a good FF for myself. I am not a professional writer just passing time and it is also my first time. Any suggestions are welcomed as long as you don't curse at me. [ The above part about my views is kind of copy-paste from another author because it matches quite a lot with my views and I wasn't able to find proper words about it.] -------------------------- DISCLAIMER: [English isn't my first language] [I don't own Naruto and One piece as they are created by Kishimoto and oda respectively] [This is my first Fanfiction so it may contain several mistakes so feel free to notify me I will correct them accordingly]


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