Legend of The Bear God of War & Wrath Book

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Legend of The Bear God of War & Wrath


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Before reading this, you might as well check the WN : I am Volibear in monsterverse. I'm trying to find my space and zone in writing so I'm heavily *cough*plagiarize*cough*. well lets call it writing fanfics of fanfics, do you get it. Well whatever, just know i'll not just copy & paste, but make my story while relying on the plot of the original story I mentioned. Synopsis: Disrespecting the Being that would transmigrate you is probably not a wise decision to make. And yet our protagonist did just that. So as retribution he was lured in through greed to spend some grind time in a world where combats are frequent but there are no flashy martial arts, magic or anything else. So our protagonist agreed as it gave him extra perks. What he did know was that he was going to be sent to the beautiful purgatory known as Monsterverse and the small amount of grind time was not as small as he thought. Watch as he walks this primitive Jurassic world and starts the legend of the God of War & Wrath.


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