Journey Of The Bright Immortal
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Journey Of The Bright Immortal


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What is Journey Of The Bright Immortal

Journey Of The Bright Immortal is a popular web novel written by the author SmilingBlueWolf, covering SMART-MC, CULTIVATION, XIANXIA, EASTERN FANTASY, CULTIVATION ASPECTS, CREATION OF OWN SKILLS, MALE PROTAGONIST, GENIUS PROTAGONIST, MYTHICAL BEASTS, DETERMINED PROTAGONIST, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 154.2K readers with an average rating of 4.47/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 37 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Cultivation ruled everything in this world. Humans and other species could sense the Qi of Heaven and Earth and break the barriers of mortality. They molded their mortal bodies through cultivation, gaining immense power and vitality. All to reach the realm of immortals. Billions strived from an early age to reach the Heavens and yet only a small part could cultivate. Cultivators, true gods among men and symbols of power and prestige, often treated common mortals as livestock or servants. As time passed and society adapted, a group of supreme beings enforced honor and justice. Cultivators no longer trampled mortals with ease, but they didn't always respect the rules. Absolute strength tore rules apart without effort, and clans and sects stood at the peak of power. With many worlds, countless territories, and beings, humans were often mistaken as the weakest species. Traveling between worlds was difficult, but the realms contained mysterious ways and arts. Ming Ren was born in the Bright Clan but deemed an untalented cultivator. However, his curiosity was unsurpassed under the heavens! Determined to uncover the path to the True Heavenly Dao and armed with an indomitable spirit and powerful companions, will he be able to surpass the gods and protect everything he cares about? Releases: released by book, no set schedule. Book I - The Vagrant Woods, currently available. All main story chapters will always be available here. If you like the story, support the novel with the e-book: Https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082DZJ8L8

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Hi, author here. I'm a beginner in the Dao of Shamelessness, but I have to improve my game. I'd like to thank you for giving this novel a chance. Journey Of The Bright Immortal is Ming Ren's journey, but also about a world of cultivation and the Dao, and how righteousness can still exist even where power means everything. I do not post daily. Chapters will be released in a book format, meaning mass releases, as soon as I am happy with the result. I only promise that this novel will not be left unfinished. Please support this novel by leaving reviews and telling your friends.


I dont know how to write reviews, so i'm just trying to help the author a bit, give the novel a chance, it is really well written. the MC is not that op, he has knowledge, which can make him op in the future.


It was great. I couldn't believe it is an original novel. There were little to none writing mistakes. The Character development is good too, I like the MC's attitude. World building is good too but author-san should put some description or details about some places to make the readers be more immersed in the story. All in all, the novel was great! Keep it up!


All i can say is this novel is perhaps one of the best cultivation novels i have come across in with just the 30 something chapter put out. MC not really OP but has inherited alot of knowledge from his clans ancestor, already seens two goals so far that can keep the book intresting and also the MC is not all about me me me he seems to understand that even with all the power in the world just having strength alone isn't enough. Shown by the effort he put into helping the forest clan. Novel would be rated higher but to the instability of chapters can't do so he even though i really love the novel.


If I haven't known it is an original story I would have thought that it was one of the Chinese novel that got a translator and editor. It was like written by a professional writer. I strongly recommend it as there were a lot of new ideas that you haven't see in cultivations. I would like to read more and more. Waiting for more chapters (≧▽≦)


Reveal spoiler


It's a pretty good novel with everything realistic. Many novels claim to be realistic but only a few are able to properly pull it off and this novel does it. Waiting for the second book.


Pretty interesting start. I was surprised seeing emojis in chapter 2 though, not sure if that was intended. The first few chapters definitely got me hooked.


To be honest, i am really surprised. I read 6 chapters in a row for something that should have been a simple review swap. Added to my collection. First chapter has some info dumps, but i consider it is necessary to set the background. This story is a standard eastern fantasy in many aspects, especially the beginning, but take a different turn i haven't seen yet from the 3rd chapter on that is very refreshing. Grammar seems good to me. Maybe some weird sentences time to time but i'm not a native english so i could be just totally ignorant. Promising novel. I would just add that wuxia/eastern webnovel translated or original are legion on Webnovel. It will be very tough to find your place among them without having a very high release rate to get attention. Some very good wuxia webnovels have far fewer views compared to what they deserve.


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i cant imagine how stupid our MC is, he know he is walking treasure and the wanted person with weak cultivation but he casualy throw his name out and even meedle in other bussiness rather than find the survivor and family of his clan. in ch 34 he can escape from forest but he just throw in to show he has big ball, now he is getting hunted hahaaaa and another thing i dont like our mc got a lot of treasure that he even dont know, something like ancient body and heaven-defiying art, and its only chapter 33??


Well, as part of review swap,here I am now. Don't expect expert advice since I'm Not really an editor. First of all, I didn't saw any wrong grammar and typo good job. The story is quite interesting and a bit refreshing. Keep up the good work.


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