Ingeniosus Snilldech Academy Book

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Ingeniosus Snilldech Academy


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Humans, ever-evolving beings, have different characteristics, emotions, and ways of life. The creator or so we called "God" also has a different plan for each creature he created. Of the millions of human beings on earth, some humans are given a "gift" that is very different from others. Having "gift" or "power" is not as easy as it sounds, but it is certainly a responsibility to change the world. Kreisleriana is one of the humans who was awarded a rare talent referred to as Melody Catch. Krei's ability to obtain any information from only a melody she obtained, attracted the attention of an academy specialized to train the world's special talents, the Ingeniosus Snilldech Academy (ISA). She was recruited by the ISA at the age of 18 and will join the academy at the beginning of the year. They learned Krei's talent from a system called "Zeus" owned by the academy. What lessons will Kreisleriana get at Ingeniosus Snilldech Academy? - Art credit to the rightful owner, Yephire on DeviantArt


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