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Caring for Mr. Mutant


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[COMPLETED] How can a Mutant and a Mutant Caretaker fight for their love, if science is their greatest enemy? ------------------------ Year 2023: Random DNA mutations suddenly occurred around the world. These mutations caused newborn babies to acquire animal traits, and no one knows why or where they originated. Year 2033: When funds, advanced technology, and a capable workforce became available to study these mutants, a national team of scientists was formed, called the "DNA Mutation Cadre" or "D.M. Cadre". They were given modern, state-of-the-art laboratories complete with equipment and isolation rooms. Here, mutants were studied and monitored in exchange for a large sum of money and government assistance. Year 2048: In the busy city of Makylee, a 25-year-old part-timer, Lia Brentvale, got fired from her two part-time jobs in just one unlucky day. Since her parents aren’t around, she’s the breadwinner of her family, providing for her two college brothers. She applied as a Mutant Caretaker in the D.M. Cadre Research Facility and after passing their exam, she was assigned to the mysterious and aloof vulture mutant. But as she got to know him, she also learned more about D.M. Cadre. Together with her hacker friend and their batchmates, they tried to uncover the deep secrets that lie within the research facility. ------------------------ PREVIEW: Aesop had always felt that being a mutant is a curse. But upon meeting Lia, he started accepting himself. Lia was always pointing out his strong points. She was always encouraging him to enhance his skills and discover his talents. She always tells him not to think of himself as a test subject just like how the scientists treat him. She reassured him that even though he's a mutant, he's not less than a person, so he shouldn't look down on himself. It was her uplifting words and her mere existence that gave color to his monochrome life. "Lia… I love you," Aesop uttered as his golden eyes stared through her deep blue eyes. "Ae, I… I love you, too," Lia then wrapped her arms around Aesop's neck, drawing in close to him. Aesop's hands slid down to Lia's lower back, and he embraced her. Their heartbeats quicken as their lips graze against each other. Lia thought it would be just a simple kiss, just like they had always done after their very first kiss, but she was wrong. Aesop's right hand suddenly caressed her back, then he placed it at the back of her head, pulling her to him with a little force. The vulture mutant's majestic wings enveloped them, and it was as if he was owning her. Aesop's wet tongue slid into her mouth, and it surprised her. She tried to resist, but with his hand at the back of her head, she couldn't get away from him. Eventually, she gave in to that passionate kiss... NOTE: Not a superhero story, but tackled more of science ethics and social issues ------------------------ UPDATE: Added CFMM Special - The Afterstory chapters after the Finale. Happy reading! ;) ------------------------ WEBNOVEL CONTENT EDITOR: Ms. Qianyu BOOK COVER by @omichiart on IG SPECIAL THANKS: tricks, Wang Cult, Aquila Official Instagram: @ainawang.official Official Discord: https://discord.gg/HYkU3Rr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang


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