1541 The Progeny of the Tyrannical Emperor Descends! III

Adelaide couldn't help but utter out with utmost love and shock as she gazed forward, not even bothering to check the state of her body as she locked onto the bundle she held within her arms.

Even though it was newly born, the glow of shimmering half black and half blue hair could be seen draping over just the cutest baby boy, his fair face filled with innocence and purity as his bright jewel-like dark eyes were opened and staring into everything with utmost wonder!

A shocking thing that must be mentioned was the fact that above the head of this baby, one could barely discern a faint glow of a glimmering golden crown! The implications of this were unimaginable as one had to wonder how it was so!

The arms and legs revealed showed chubbiness and untold scales of adorable, the bright of eyes of this boy that shockingly shone with intellect and reason gazing back at Adelaide and then soon after…they changed direction as they searched for a certain being.


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