1484 The Fantastical Forsaken Treasure Reality! III

<You have entered a unique region of space under special restrictions.>

<Any Spatial Abilities and Teleportation is nullified.>

<All body sizes are adjusted to 1,000 Miles.>

<Your Destiny and Fortune is under the effects of {Light Fortune} as they experience a period rapid growth…>

Multiple prompts rose up before Noah's eyes as the will of the Infinite Empire quantified the restrictions and information that surged into his soul the moment that he arrived into the Forsaken Treasure Reality!

Under the immense authority of Natalya, they forced their way into the multicolored tear in space that was the entrance into the Unexplored Forsaken Treasure Reality.

The prompts were pouring over Noah's eyes as he also couldn't help but look around their surroundings at this moment!


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