1549 A Celestial Vine Finds its Target! II

There were a few things that made this Elder Primordial cautious.

First was the fact that among the 6 Emerging Realities under the banner of Cecilia, she was only able to locate 5 of them.

This was baffling and utterly terrifying as not being able to find a Reality was akin to it having been destroyed…or something even more unimaginable!

What power was enough to destroy a reality, displace it, or do something even crazier?

This was the first point that caused this Elder Primordial to move with care as from the other 5 Realities that Cecilia managed, she only hid herself in the folds of Reality and observed the changes happening within since the day that she confirmed even though she knew where a certain Reality should have been, she couldn't locate it.

Of course, her failure had come just hours after Noah had utilized RUINATION to hide his home Reality!


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