Infatuation of DarknessInfatuation of Darkness

Infatuation of Darkness

by Inara_Me

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*Dark Romance* "Search the name, Angelo de Alassandro." He said. Now she was doubtful why would she have to search his name? She did it and the search was normal; it was like searching for any other business man. But a few caught her attention. 'Angelo de Alassandro linked with the underworld. 'De Alassandro associated with the recent gun fire.' 'Another body found inside a dumpster, to be linked with the de Alassandro group.' The links did not stop. They more she scrolled down the more she read and the more gut twisting they got. She did not know how to react with the situation especially when the man who was supposedly linked with them was sitting right next to her. She was reading them with so much attention that she did not notice Angelo standing behind her. He was enjoying her reactions and her curiosity to read more. He bent down to her ear causing her breath to be hitched. He leisurely stroked her face and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Do you think that can be rumours?" Calmly he spoke in her ear. "They could be," She spoke diplomatically. He chuckled, "well, they are not." He confirmed.

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