11 Bob Uchiha

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"Huh?" Itachi short-circuited for a while before slashing his tanto at Akihiko's face.

Akihiko dodged the tanto strike but the tanto hit a small part of his cloth covering his face. Akihiko took a kunai from his back pouch as both Akihiko and Itachi disappeared and reappeared in around the battle ground as the sound of metal scratching each other become louder after each strike.


They both sent out kick after kick, punch after punch and then Itachi threw shurikens towards Akihiko. Akihiko dodged every shuriken but forgot that Itachi was free now.

When he looked towards Itachi, he saw Itachi finished making handsigns for Great Fireball Jutsu. As Akihiko saw a Fireball coming towards him, he tried to dodge it but got burns on his skin. His mask and clothes were also burned leaving only his pants.

[a/n: anime logic]

"Haah. I suspected it was you Akihiko-kun." Itachi said.

"Hey Itachi-nii, I will take care of Aunt Mikoto and Sasuke for you." [a/n: MC had been to the Uchiha clan and is close with Itachi too.]

'As a husbando and step-father' Akihiko continued in his mind.

"How did you know that this will happen today?" Itachi asked curiously.

"S-e-c-r-e-t." Akihiko said slowly with a grin.

"Anyways, bye Itachi-nii. Also, have some cookies. And thanks for not killing me." Akihiko said as Itachi disappeared along with the bag of cookies.

[Mission Completed]

[Reward: Ninjutsu talent, Kenjutsu Talent, Izumi Uchiha's Love]

[Accept: Yes/No]

'Yes, I accept. Now, time for the second phase.' I thought as I took a bag with seals so others won't be able to see through it.

"Lalalalalalalalala" Akihiko hummed as he took a few sharingans from the dead Uchiha members.

'I should also leave a gift for the Hokage.' I thought as I started working on my gift.

'Done. Now just go back to Kushina's house quietly.'

As he was about to go back, he heard small whispers.


He turned around and saw an Uchiha who looked around 12.

"What's your name?" Akihiko asked.

"Bob. Bob Uchiha" the boy answered before breathing his last breath.


[5 minutes later]

Akihiko hid the sharingans in a jar filled with water under the tree wrapped with 4 layers of cloth and he is currently trying to sneak inside Kushina's house without anyone knowing but as soon as he stepped inside







The lights were suddenly switched on. Akihiko looked up and saw Kushina, Mikoto and Izumi Uchiha were in front of him.

"Where were you, Akihiko-kun?" Kushina asked with a smile that looked like the end of the world.

"And what is wrong with your clothes?" Mikoto added while made Akihiko sweat drop.

"I-I was just practicing the Fire Ball Jutsu that Sasuke showed me but I accidently caught on fire." I answered.

"Here, here, it's ok. Have some cookies." I gave them cookies as it was now my habit.

I quickly ran away and slept.


In the living room. Three women could be seen discussing about what happened tonight.

"Hey, Izumi, so you, me, Sasuke and Itachi are the only Uchihas alive now huh?"

"Yea, I was also about to die but someone saved me."

"Huh? Who?"

"I don't know."

"Did he do anything weird?"

"Yea, he gave me cookies that tasted the same like the one the child earlier gave me."

Kushina who was silent before now sighed and said,

"Haah, the cookie is one of a kind. Only Akihiko-kun can make it. He also says weird things like "Come to the dark side, we have cookies." and just now he returned with burned clothes. All the evidence points towards him. Akihiko is too mysterious. Don't you think so?"

Izumi thought about the fact that Akihiko saved her and felt warm in her heart although she didn't know why.


[The next morning]

In the Root Base there was a man with X scar on his chin and bandages wrapped around his face and arm yelling at the Root members.

"Why the hell are there no sharingans? I told you to retrieve every sharingans from the dead Uchiha memebrs. Fuck. All my plans are ruined. Find the person who took those goddamn Sharingans."

My boi here didn't know he was gonna get fucked.


[In Uchiha Clan]

An old man wearing some fancy hokage cloak was currently smoking a pipe while looking though the window of the Hokage

"Fuuuuuh, my old friend Danzo, what did you do? "

On the wall of the Uchiha, there was a detailed graffiti of Danzo Shimura together with his sharingans on his right arm without bandages and under the graffiti there was a text that said "DANZO SHIMURA, YOU WILL PAY FOR THE SINS YOU HAVE COMMITED!"

Every Anbu, Jonin and civilians who came across this were a bit shocked to see a graffiti of Danzo with Sharingans on his arms and all the bodies who had sharingans dug out. That day a new rumor started which said "Danzo was the cause of the extermination of the Uchiha Clan."

[A/N: I did it like this because the mc is not a stealthy assassin. And people love gossip. Gossip is the fastest ways to put suspicion on someone.

And meh. Plot holes.]

"Inu, try to find everything you can on what Danzo did."

After that, Inu left and Hiruzen was thinking if the decision of trusting Danzo was wrong all along.


[Sasuke's POV]

"Waah, what a good day." I said as I stretched my arms.

I looked around to find that both Akihiko and Naruto were not in bed. Normally, they were the ones to wake up late.

I went down stairs to see that everyone had a sad look on their eyes.

"Ehh? Why are you all making sad faces?" I asked as I was truly surprised.

Naruto was a bright kid, he was always smiling and Akihiko, although I didn't tell him about it, I saw him as a big brother figure just like Itachi-nii. He is always here for both me and Naruto. Although he is a civilian and an orphan, he trains very hard and is a lot better than me in every aspect. Even his looks.

Akihiko then walked towards me and then said, "Itachi-nii killed every Uchiha member and fled Konoha yesterday. You, Mikoto-san and Izumi-nee are the only Uchihas alive in Konoha right now."

My brain short-circuited for a while but I quickly denied it.

"T-there's n-no way Itachi-nii is going to kill them. I don't believe it. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!" I yelled as I ran towards the Uchiha Clan.

As I reached towards the Uchiha Clan, all I could describe was hell. There were bodies stacked on a single pile and many ninjas were cleaning the bloodshed. As I saw this, I felt scared, grief and anger towards Itachi-nii, no Itachi Uchiha.

I felt something in my eyes change but I didn't pay attention to it since I saw a graffiti of an old man with sharingans on his eyes. But then again, I didn't pay attention to it. After I saw that some clan members who had their eyes dug out were all who awakened the Sharingan and I started to find connections between them.

Danzo Shimura wanted the sharingans so he decided to manipulate Itachi and get those sharingans. But still even thought, I basically made out the plan, I didn't forgive Itachi because he was the one who killed the clan directly with his own hands.

'Itachi Uchiha and Danzo Shimura, I will kill both of you to avenge my clan members.' I thought as a hand reached out to grab both my shoulders.

[Back to 3rd POV]

Sasuke turned around and saw that Akihiko was behind with eyes filled with concern for me.

"Hey, Sasuke. I know what those eyes mean but don't lose yourself to gain power. You still have Aunt Mikoto, Izumi-nii, Kushina-san. And also, don't forget that Naruto and I will always be there for you.... No need to take all the burden you know. I will always be there for you as a friend...

'And as a father' Akihiko thought before continuing,

"So cry your heart out."

'Hell, did some of Naruto's talk-no-jutsu transfer to me' Akihiko thought before hugging Sasuke as he had the [Comfortable hug] talent.

Then, Sasuke couldn't hold it in anymore and cried like a baby for a long time.

"Hey, you alright now?" Akihiko asked.

*Sniff* "Yea."

"Then let's go back, everyone is worried about you." Akihiko said as they walked together back to Kushina's home.




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